I am still struggling to make money online

Are you still struggling with making little money online?

If you are still in that position for more than a year trying to make end meets, you did something wrong. One potential issue is your monetization strategy.  I myself, started off with blogging and had use AdSense to monterize my blog. At the beginning, I earned from several hundred to few thousand dollars a month. One day Google slapped mysite and suddenly traffic started to drop and so did my earning with AdSense.

Then, I started learning the Affiliate Marketing with Amazon. My rational thoughts at that time for choosing Amazon affiliate are:

  • People prefer buying from a renown website.
  • People would buy a physical product instead of non-physical product
  • I still can earn commission on those products people add to their carts after clicking on my referral link.

struggling to make money online

In order to make decent earning from my available traffic, I had to product content after content, review after review. And yet, the commission earned is not up to my expectation since I was earning 4% per sale price. With that, I moved on to a non-physical product or informational product where I finally could say that I could passively earned cash from online business.

Read on to find out why affiliate marketing on non-physical is more lucrative than Amazon, in my opinion:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a method to make money online where you recommend someone’s product. In an online world, it means you write a review of a product and invite people to click on a link that will lead them to the  sale page. Once the visitors you have referred buy a product, you make a profit (commission) from the seller. It is as simple as that.

What is the big deal with informational product Affiliate Marketing Anyway?

The beauty of informational product Affiliate Marketing are:

  • You can start immediately (with no website or knowledge of marketing i.e. you can promote on Facebook or Twitter)
  • You dont need to lots of money to start
  • You dont need to create your own product, marketing tools or sale funnel.
  • You dont have to worry about delivery of the product to end customer
  • You are selling a “branded” product i.e. you could leverage on the “brand” mentality of buyer.


The only thing you HAVE to do with Affiliate Marketing is:

  • Drive targeted traffic to your affiliate link.

But isn’t it the same logic for other legitimate methods to earning money online, you protest. Yes and No.

Yes, indeed you still need targeted traffic for your website or blog if you are earning money through AdSense or paid advertising on your website. But No, the potential earning level is so different. Instead of few cent to few dollars per click on AdSense, you could make from 20$ to 1’250$ or more per customer.

So how can you drive targeted traffic to your offer?

Good question! Personally I am still in learning phase. Having said that, the one method I have good success with is paid advertising and my own email List. Yes, you hear me right, Email List is the king.  If you have not started to capture your visitor’s email, you are losing a big chuck of your revenue. So no matter which stage you are in business now, take immediate action to study and implement the Email Marketing. It is so powerful.

On the other hand, if you have less money for paid advertising, there is a free way to promote or recommend the affiliate product as well. The free method consits of blogging, facebooking and forum posting. These free method to gather traffic could be powerful but if you, like me, dont have time OR hate to sell to someone on my FB’s friend list, Paid Advertising is the way to go.

Stay tune to my blog and I will return with more tips on Paid Advertising separately.

3 top mistakes I made when I first started with Affiliate Marketing


Dont make the same mistakes I did 10 years a go:

  • Promote multiple products at the same time – lack of focus.
  • Do not experience the product myself – How can we promote something we do not use ourselves!
  • Afraid to spend Money

First, do not promote more than 2 products at the same time. You will lose focus and trust me, your reader will know! I am speaking of an MMO niche, here. Especially if you are running an Email Marketing campaign and only have a few list without proper segmentation, it is important not to bombard your list with promotion after promotion. People buy from people who provide value. They hate spammer! Of course, if you are selling physical products from Amazon Affiliate, you could definitely review multiples products at the same time.

Second, buy the product yourself to experience what your customer experience. If you dont have money, use the Money back guarantee which most product owner allows up to 60 days of risk free Money Back. At the end of the day, nothing is more valuable than investing in yourself and in this case, investing in learning opportunity.

Finally, invest in yourself. Just like when we goes to university for a Degree, we paid for tuition fee, food or/and dormitory. So the same concept applies in online business. Wouldn’t you want to invest to make your business grows? It takes time and real cash to keep a business going, so dont be afraid to lose money to make real cash.

Bonus tips on finding the right Affiliate Product to promote.

The most important thing in selecting the right Affiliate Product is to review its total cost of ownership. What I mean in laymen term is that once you send people to the seller’s sale page, you want to make sure you could continue to get commission from future purchase of that lead.

This is my secrete to making high ticket sale with MOBE.  The benefit I get with MOBE is that once I refer one customer to the sale team, the lead will be linked to my ID for life and therefore, any future commission made (as long as I am positioned myself correctly) will go to my bank account.

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Hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies

My love story continues…

One gloomy Saturday noon, while I was listening to the pouring rain, the phone ranged on the near end of my room. I was almost certain it was going to be Vichet who was my ferocious boss at a local coffee shop I was working not long ago. Within seconds, I scrambled myself toward the roaring phone. A loud rough voice can clearly be heard on the other line. “Where are you… I need you here NOW.. Sambat cannot make it today”. Before I could even respond, Vichet cut off the phone abruptly… I was trembling with fear as this part time job was my lifeline.

But how can I go to work when it rained cat and dog here. Besides, it is my off day, it was unfair that Sambat called in sick and now I had to cover for him? I protested in my mind. For the next 10 minutes, I was thinking of a way out. 10 minutes turn into an hour, an hour turns to 3 hours. Suddenly the phone ranged again. This time, I heard a sweet little voice: “bong Sambo, boss is super angry now and is ready to fire you if you are not here in 20 dont lose hopeminutes’. That sweet voice is none other than Thida.

Less than 15 minutes later, I found myself back in the Coffee shop serving Vichet’s customers…

So how does this has to do with making a living online?

Life is tough. Sometime we have to trade our labour for the monthly salary. Sometime we have to face bad boss. Sometime we have to face a backstabbing colleagues. Worst, we have to trade our time for the monthly salary. What if we can start prepare ourselves now for the better future? This is the question I had asked me since 2003.

Since then, I keep nurturing my Hope. The Hope for the better future, the Hope for passive income, the Hope that one day I will be able to make a living of the Internet as many other. The Hope that I could finally become financially free. The hope to send my kids to the best school they choose. Finally the hope to contribute financially back to my Country: Cambodia.

With this hope inside me, I continue to build my online business slowly but surely by taking action regularly. This regular actions that I took is a perfect habit that slowly grow my online business till today.. oh by the way, I have fire myself out of Vichet’s Coffee shop.I am out!

Just like a movie The Shawshank Redemption, the ending is just excellent. It teaches us that to be successful online or offline, we need to put consistent effort. Little by little and we will achieve our goal.  In particular, the following quote is just so right about making money online.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies

Hope is a good thing


What happen when we keep Hope Alive, in our dream of making a living online?

As Andy once said “Hope is a good thing, and no good things ever dies”. As long as you keep your hope alive, and keep taking action each day. Which in the online world could make blogging, posting on social media, email marketing or SoloAds. Naturally, you will start to have followers. And trust me, people buy from other people they like or have heard before. As such, the first thing for newbies who are committed to making money on the Internet is to start taking action NOW. So, do keep your hope alive and keep taking action.

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I’m too afraid of what people think of me

Question: Are you afraid of what people think of you?

I was once like this. In summer of 1999, I was resting in the football field at my school, RUPP. It was a cloudless day with two birds singing side by side near to a large oak tree. Suddenly Thida appeared out of noway and she said ‘Hello Sambo, how are you?’. I almost fell off and was blushed as it was the first time Thida greet me. I would’t dream of that day as I had never ever dare to strike the first conversation for the fear of what people might think of me. What if they think I was a pervert? or worst a playboy who were so flirty? You see in 1999, we did not have any Internet, let alone Facebook and yet I still had that fear which stop me from starting the conversation to this beautiful long black hair lady. Until that one day….

So how does this has to do with making a business online?

Indeed, there is. You see fear is a two edge swords. Fear gives you strength to defend yourself during dangerous encounter. For example, the fear of drowning lead you to fight for your life.

too afraid of what people think

However, when it comes to online business fear will stop you from being open and helping other people. You see Business is all about helping and serving people. Have you ever wonder no matter how populous the world is, people have different knowledge and skill set that could help one another. Likewise, you too! you could help another fellow to solve his or her problem. So stop being afraid of what people might think of you, whether they think you are newbie or a know it all, you are there be yourself and help other people. Pay it forward.

Myself for example, I have passed that stage of being afraid of what people think of me. As a matter of fact, in the Internet Marketing spear, I used to be afraid of being seen as a newbie, or a person who boost too much. And that fear has stopped me from continuing my blogging to share knowledge to the world. As a result, my spear of influence has reduced days by days and I was no longer a person who they would think first for developing the Flash Application.

What happen when we stop fearing of what people think of us?

It was only in early 2016 when I found Mobe (you will see the link below) that I started to shift my paradigm. I have given up of that fear and started to be an open man again. Until today, I have a list of more than 1,000 subscribers and continue to serve them strong.



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7 ways to increase traffic by article marketing

article-marketingSo now you have a new product to market. Placing a simple advertisement may be great, but that alone may not tell everything you want your potential customers to know about it. That’s where article marketing comes in.

What Is Article Marketing?

Placing ads about your business is just not enough. After all, they only say so much. On the other hand, article marketing allows you to describe your product in full, informing your readers with enough vital details to want to investigate it even more or perhaps buy it. With an article, you can promote a product by attracting the type of consumers who will benefit from it and telling them how it will satisfy their wants or needs. If the article is convincing, inquiring readers will want to go to your website to find out even more about it and perhaps, purchase it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your article must be extremely long. Instead, it should be short and concise, describing your product in full without disclosing too many complex or boring details. Most readers’ time is valuable and thus, people can be impatient or lose focus on what it’s about. They just want to find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds, then move on. Hence, many will scan over it and thus, by breaking your article into sections with subheadings containing vital keywords, this will make it easier to read.

For example, if you’re advertising facial cream, you may want to state how your brand moisturizes your skin and helps remove wrinkles. You then will want to briefly describe what ingredients and nutrients it has that makes it work better and faster at restoring your skin than other brands, but don’t blast your readers with excessive medical terminology and long ingredient names that only dermatologists are familiar with. Doing so will only scare your readers away and they definitely won’t be interested in checking your site out.

Seven Steps to Bring Traffic to Your Website

Tips on increasing traffic flow to your website are as follows:

1. Identify your topic and keywords:

Your topic must be obvious since this is what your article and website are about. Based on it, this is how you determine which keywords that people will likely type in to find your article. Your next task is to find keywords that both describe your product and are words or phrases readers commonly search for. For example, if you sell facial cream then ‘facial cream’ is your topic. Think up as many keywords that are relevant to your product and accurately describe it. Of course, these are words that appear on the label as ‘moisturizer’, ‘exfoliator’, ‘wrinkle remover’, ‘younger looking skin’, etc. Finally, you’ll want to check out Google’s Adwords site for more suggestions. Here, you will find numerous keywords or phrases, perhaps many you never thought of, for example ‘best facial cream’. Each keyword is listed with the average monthly searches (number of) and amount of competition (low, medium, or high). Ideally, you’ll want to choose words with low competition and high monthly searches, but if you can’t find any, don’t fret. Choose only the words that your article is about. Using irrelevant keywords is not only a deceptive way of acquiring traffic, but may bring you hate mail and hurt your online reputation.

2. Write concise articles:

The ideal length of an article is about 400 – 600 words written in 12-point font. Again, long articles can turn off readers that gaze at them and many readers have short attention spans. Keep it to one page and stay focused on your topic.

3. Use targeted keywords in your title:

Focus on one or two main keywords and be sure to include them in the title of your article. For example, your title may be “The Best Facial Cream for Younger Looking Skin” or “How This Facial Cream Exfoliates Your Skin”.

4. Publish your articles on a popular article marketing website:

Such sites are made specifically for businesses who want to gain exposure online by having people read their articles and directing these readers back to their websites. Articles are usually placed within categories and subcategories where they can easily be found. Which article sites are best? For example, Ezinearticles.com brings in over one million monthly visitors and is proven to be the leading directory in article marketing according to PerfectSpace. Other similar popular article sites are: ArticleBiz.com, ArticleCity.com, Buzzle.com, and GoArticles.com. Because each has their own policies and rules, you may want to do some research to find the one that works best for you. Find out their membership prices and policies and read reviews on each before joining.

5. Create a ‘signature line’:

This is simply a short line that will follow each of your articles and will bring your readers to your website. For example, yours may say something like: For more info on our line of revolutionary exfoliating skin creams, please visit www.KarolsSkinCreams.com. This can be a simple line you can cut and paste into all of your articles and it is to be placed in the ‘resource box’ at the end of your article.

6. Submit your articles:

Make sure the article’s content is free of grammatical and spelling errors and that it accurately describes your product. Remember, your article must meet the staff’s qualifications before it can be published on the article marketing site.

7. Submit articles regularly:

The more regularly you submit, the more in tune you will appear to your readers and the greater exposure you’ll receive. Likewise, if you can, have your articles submitted to multiple article marketing sources as this will increase your streams of traffic to your site.

In Conclusion

Article marketing is a free or low-cost way to advertise your products or services on the internet. It serves as a secondary stream of traffic to your website while attempting to win over customers ways that conventional ads cannot. Readers then find your article on popular article-based sites through the use of keywords placed in a search engine optimization manner. If your article captures and keeps their attention, they will likely check out your website and purchase whatever it is you have to sell. Thus, if done correctly, article marketing will be well worth the effort you put into it.

Creating the Marketing Components for Your Small Business

social-media-for-small-businessesApparently, starting out as an entrepreneur especially in Cambodia, you have very limited capital to work with. Therefore, you need to make the presence of your business known by spending as little as possible.

Entrepreneurs, in general, need not only to be familiar with the core components of a fundamental business, but how to attain them inexpensively. The elements that make up a successful marketing strategy are:

  • company logo
  • website
  • social media
  • video presentations
  • Search engine presence
  • list building

What you must realize is how setting them up can make you successful both online and off. Instead of hiring agencies that charge hundreds or thousands of dollars to build these resources, there are numerous services online that will provide them for much less.

Company Logo for Entrepreneur

First you’ll need a business logo to include it on all of your cards, brochures, letterhead, website, and all other company media. Without one, your business lacks a sense of identity. Rather than creating your own, you can find a company or individual online who will do it for around $50 (whatever price you want to work out with an individual bidder). Simply go to sites like Freelancer.com or Upwork to find skilled logo makers. The price will be well worth it.

Website for your company

While traditional website builders charge thousands of dollars to build professional websites, if your business is not an ecommerce store, you can have one put together on sites like Word Press (WP) for much less. You may need to hire someone with expertise to set up your site on WP, but once that has been done, customization is fairly easy. Your website will need to change frequently in order for Google to rank it in its search engine. Hence, you’ll need a site that has great SEO functionality.

Avoid customized sites. Although they look great online, when making changes, a great amount of the code must be rewritten. However, with template based sites, site owners are free to change things as the text, color, and graphics themselves. Recreating code requires about 50 hours, plus the site owner must devote a great amount of time to spend with the developer to make sure the site appears exactly as he/she wants it to. That alone will run hundreds of dollars.

Domain Name

In order to have customers find your site, you must choose an ideal domain name. Keep these things in mind when creating one:

  • Make it as short and easy to remember as possible.
  • Use easy-to-spell words one can spell out by hearing it. Avoid using unusual last names or obscure, not so everyday words.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers.
  • Include keywords that are relevant to your business.
  • Do not include trademark names in your domain (such as JustLikeStarbucks.com or NikeAlternative.com).

If your website is a template-made one, don’t opt for a free domain that includes the site maker’s name. For example, if your site was made on WordPress, and your company is named Phnom Penh Restaurant Review, ideally, you want your domain to be http://phnompenhrestaurantreview.com rather than http://phnompenhrestaurantreview.wordpress.com. Not only is the latter more difficult to type, but creates an unprofessional image of your company.

With the millions of websites in existence today, a domain name you come up with may already be taken. Hence, it is best to come up with several that are ideal for your company. To see if your desired domain names are available go to https://www.namecheap.com/. If it is not, this site can help you create one that is based on similar keywords you input.

Social Media for Cambodian entrepreneur

Having connections on various social media sites is extremely vital when marketing your own business. Despite contrary beliefs that social media makes businesses look amateurish, the vast majority of companies can be found on sites as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. However, Google Plus is best for business since it is part of Google and thus, its pages rank quickly, unlike the aforementioned sites. Google Plus has their own special Business Page that enables businesses to establish better connections, something most other media sites lack.

Search for your demographics (young or old, geographic location, trends, lifestyles, business or hipsters) when choosing which media sites you plan to use. Focus only on two social media sites as time restraints may make difficult to communicate with more on a daily basis.

Company Videos

Nothing presents your business better than a video. It serves as your company’s commercial and gives a detailed presentation that explains everything about your business and what its inside looks like. Your video can be viewed 24/7 on your business website, your social media pages, and on YouTube as well.

If you have no experience in making videos, it is best to hire someone who does. Creating a well thought out, optimized video that delivers a high conversion rate takes time. Likewise, there are elements that go into a professionally made presentation as script writing, filming, editing, and music overlays. Videographers typically have their own rooms with studio lighting, high quality cameras, and computers with professional video-editing software. Hiring your video done is indeed costly, but is crucial, if you want to win over its viewers.

There are freelancers who are skilled at making videos providing you furnish them with ample brochures, pictures, video clips, and any other visual material pertaining to your business and its operations. Upon publishing your own company video through YouTube, you can obtain links which are extremely SEO powerful. Because YouTube is the biggest source of online videos, not having a presentation on their site can greatly limit your business exposure.

Listing Services

After you have created your website and social media profiles, you will want to apply with listing service to obtain as many business listing directories as you can. Search engine optimization for your website or videos is not something you can “set and forget”, you must work consistently to maintain an optimal SEO ranking. Hence, hiring a quality SEO professional may seem costly, but is worth every penny you’ll spend. Just get references before choosing one.

If you are on a budget, you’ll want to use:

1. Apple Maps
2. Bing
3. Factual
4. Google Plus for small business
5. LinkedIn
6. Manta
7. Yahoo Cambodia business
8. Yelp
9. YP.com

As you register your business in these directories, you will want pictures of its outside, inside, staff, and products or services as well as a link to your website. Include a description of your company and its functions too.


Again, you want your business to have all the essential components that enable it to function not only online, but off line as well. This means you must create a list of contacts via emails, phone numbers, social media likes and follows, and app notifications. You can gather info from prospects by offering them something free, known as a funded proposal. This is an item you can give away in exchange for email addresses. For example, if you repair bicycles, you can offer a free ebook entitled something like “15 Simple Bicycle Maintenance Tips.” To obtain this book, potential customers must fill out a simple form on your website that asks for their email address and other relevant info.

As for off line communications, you will definitely need a landline phone. Never operate your company off of a cell phone. Why? A cell phone lacks the features of a corporate phone system. So, if you’re busy and can’t take phone calls at the moment, people will want to leave messages, but won’t feel inclined to if they get a Verizon or A T & T generic phone greeting. Likewise, they can hear what’s going on in the background as you talk, especially if you work in a noisy environment. This not only makes for annoying conversations, but makes it hard for them to get through to you. It gives them the impression that their calls are not so important and that your company can’t afford a landline system.

Overall, a landline phone system makes you sound professional and greatly decreases the likelihood of scaring away potential customers. Finally, landline phones have internet connections which greatly help your search engine rankings with listing services.

How to Market your Cambodian business on Twitter

Twitter for Cambodian Business

Using Twitter Properly to Market Your Business in Cambodia

Along with marketing through Facebook, Twitter is an extremely popular social media venue. By having a Twitter account, your business can be reached by millions of people who prefer to connect via laptop and all common mobile devices . Without it, your company’s ability to communicate is highly limited and its web presence is less known. By not having one, potential customers may get the impression that you’re just not “with the times”. Lastly, if you wish to be successful in Cambodia, take the advantage of Twitter to beat your competitors who do not use one.

Why Use Twitter?

For individuals and businesses alike, Twitter is used around the world. It is utilized by not only large companies as Microsoft, AT&T, HP, etc, but by even small proprietors as local “mom and pop” stores. Twitter is a quick way to get your messages out to your customers, assuming they use it too. You can send announcements on new products, special deals or sales you’re having along with upcoming events you plan to hold.

Twitter is one superb marketing tool. Here, you will get the opportunity to talk to numerous people that you never would otherwise. Many of these people may turn out to be great business contacts with whom you can start projects with, purchase products from, or possibly employ. Meanwhile, you can keep up with what’s going on in your market segment, field, or niche. Likewise, you can find out what consumers are saying about subjects pertaining to your niche or business and even about your company.

Additionally, Twitter enables you to interact with your readers. Instead of only posting advertisements, you communicate with potential customers to find out what they truly want and if you have it. Generally, buyers feel more inclined to express their feedback by posting online comments rather than over the phone or in person. Also details can be easily expressed and not forgotten during the communication process. As a matter of act, today I have used my Twitter account to communicate with Market Samurai and I am very please with their fast response. You too, can make use of your Twitter account to communicate directly and get immediate feedback from your customer.

Hence, you are able to engage them and as you do, you can build and refine a brand or symbol that they’ll know and recognize you by, especially if they see you elsewhere online. All in all, Twitter provides an additional channel to find and lure in customers as well while building a good reputation for your business.

Use Twitter Properly

When using Twitter, you must do so in a professional manner. Be yourself and don’t partake in slang or try to be hip. That means leaving out the ‘LOLs’, ‘OMGs’, ‘BTWs’, and all other popular social media lingo. Communication on this site is a two way street. You must be willing to listen as well as speak rather than just tweet. If you just post large amounts of stuff on your channel and rarely, if ever, interact with customers, you will develop a reputation as a spammer. Once this occurs, your business may be doomed.

The following are suggestions to ensure optimal success on Twitter:

1. Don’t sell – converse:

Many of its users connote Twitter as a virtual water cooler (a place to stand around and chat with co-workers). So, if a total stranger approaches you, don’t approaching him or her with a high-pressure sales pitch. Converse and get to know some things about them first. Nothing chases away potential customers more than businesses that suddenly and repeatedly wave products in their faces.

2. Listen more, tweet less:

This must be stressed especially to visitors. Entering Twitter is like going into a convention full of strangers. Hence, you must find out who these people are and what they’re talking about. Then you can determine how well you fit in and what, of significance you have to contribute to their conversation. Next, find people you’re interested in following and read their tweets. Would you like to know what people are saying about a particular subject? You can simply do that by entering keywords into Twitter search.

3. Be willing to help:

Of course you ought to tweet, but not with an ad. Simply offer something such as info or entertainment. For example, if you’re talking about Cambodian tourist, you may tell them where to find nice kuy teav near Wat Phnom, which area to avoid after mid night in Phnom Penh. Keep up on others’ tweets by commenting on their ideas or answering questions they post. Once someone realizes you’re helpful, they will be most receptive to your message. They may even refer their friends to your channel.

4. Give your followers what they want:

Again, be prepared to answer questions. Give tips and suggestions on getting the most of whatever it is you specialize in. So, if your subject is on tourism in Cambodia, mention some popular restaurants or perhaps great gift ideas to bring back to one’s home country. If people have problems with finding opening hour of a local market, you could give them a quick tweet on the opening hour. Avoid subjects that have no relevance to your blog topic or line of business, such as current events in the news or the weather. Remember, your followers have certain expectations of you, focus only on meeting them.

In Summary

Twitter is a great tool that enables you to instantly say what you need to say about your products, services, or ideas. Determine who your audience is and restrict your conversations to only this type of people. Post only things your followers will want to read. Don’t approach new followers with sales pitches, you need to converse with them first. Be willing to answer their questions and offer them advice. After all, Twitter is not a bulletin board for advertisements or a store, it’s an online place to hold conversations with people of the same interest. Your customers want info ASAP so they can move on. If you don’t supply it, they’ll find someone else who will.

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Tips for successful marketing through facebook

facebook-advertisingSo, you’re a new business owner or blogger and you want to draw traffic to your website. How do you go about doing that? Have you considered marketing through Facebook? If not, it is highly advisable that you do. Why? What’s the first thing most people think about when it comes to social media? Facebook of course! Therefore, if your business or blog is not present on this site, you’re missing out on a big opportunity on exposing yourself to the outside world.

If you haven’t already, sign up with Facebook and set up your own profile. Preferably, you’ll want to make your username the same as the name of your business or blog as that is what Facebook fans will know you by.

Marketing through facebook by joining groups

Getting promoted on Facebook usually means joining groups. You can join up to 300 groups, but belonging to at least 30 will promise you great exposure. As you view posts from people in other groups, you can get ideas on how to make your future content or business better. Likewise, you can get acquainted with other individuals who can turn into customers later.

Establish A Brand

One essential method of getting yourself known by others is through establishing a brand for your business. A brand is a small set of elements that give your company or blog a unique identity that tells your viewers what it’s about. This starts with your avatar, a small photo or icon. Whatever icon or logo you use on your website, it should also be used as your Facebook avatar. That way, wherever your fans are online, they know they’re connecting with you rather than a competitor.

Ideally, there should be three keywords that represent the subjects of your business or blog, all closely related to one-another. For example, if you sell sporting goods, you may want to use keywords as exercise equipment, hiking gear, or fishing tackle. Keep all your content within your chosen range. So if you specialize in sporting goods, don’t post things like recipes or home décor on your Facebook wall. Open a separate channel for that.

Create A Social Media Strategy

Before you can expect to find people interested in your channel, you need to have a social media strategy. This means analyzing who your customers or readers are, what their needs or desires are, and how they can benefit from your content, services, or products. Additionally, you’ll want engaging content that will direct them over to your website or blog via clicking on a link.

So for example, if your sporting goods store sells exercise apparel, elaborate on the brands or types of exercise wear you sell and how they can improve comfort and reduce sweating while bicycling or working out. Or if you offer biking accessories, you know cyclists need to stay hydrated and prevent injuries if they tumble while riding. Hence, you can offer things as bike water bottles along with knee, elbow, and hand pads and helmets.

When and how often you post is also important. Fans that learn about your channel and want to know more about your blog or business will expect a steady flow of up-to-date content. That may mean posting daily, every few days, or perhaps weekly. Posting inconsistently or infrequently will convince your them that you are not totally serious about your niche or don’t know much about it. If you cater to people who live in a specific time zone, say EST, it is best to post in the early evening in that time zone when they’re likely to get home from work.

Other Tips On Gaining Popularity On Facebook

Gaining traffic through Facebook requires much more than just slapping up enticing content. You will want to follow these tips as well:

1. Interact with others in your same niche. Find other members who post content that interests you and give them likes, shares, and comments as well. Just like you would love to receive input from others, they would love to receive input from you.

2. Use a scheduling service for placing your posts. So, if you want to post something on your channel at 7:00 pm EST on weeknights and none on Saturdays and Sundays, there are numerous ways to automate your posts including services as Postcron (https://postcron.com) or Buffer (https://buffer.com). These services also post to other popular social media sites as Twitter, Instagram, etc.

3. Visit your groups regularly. This will not only enable you to get insights
and ideas from others but most importantly, make friends and keep in touch with what’s going on in your niche’s world.
4. Set up Facebook ads. Having pages simply gives your Facebook wall more presence and your fans something to look at. To get started, simply go to the link: www.facebook.com/pages and select Create Page then select one of the six categories: 1) Local Business or Place, 2) Company, Organization, or Institution, 3) Brand or Product, 4) Artist Band or Public Figure, 5) Entertainment, and 6) Cause or Community. Follow all of the instructions and furnish the information requested and soon you’ll have an ad all of your fans can see, termed as a fan page. If you have HTML coding skills, this will truly come in handy.

In Summary

Facebook is truly a powerful social media and advertising tool. However, before it can be effective, you need to know how to use it just right. You simply can’t slap tons of entries on your main page and expect people to naturally come flocking to your site. First, you must find people who are interested in your content then determine their wants and needs. Second, you need to interact with potential fans and special interest groups to gain insights and ideas as well as stay in touch with your niche. Third and final, you must post compelling Facebook ads that will lure people to your website.

Gaining popularity and traffic that generates a high conversion rate isn’t easy. Hence, you need to establish a brand that all your fans will know you by. If you build a satisfactory customer service reputation, you will gain loyal customers that may even refer new people to your site. Whatever you do, don’t give up. With patience and persistence, you will succeed.


6 things beginner bloggers must do to avoid failure

Last week, I’ve written Why 98% of new bloggers fail and quit in first 6 months? which touch two main points i.e. whether the blog has any commercial intention aspect to it or whether the blogger writes on something they are passionate about. Similarly, this week I will go in more depth on the 6 things beginner bloggers must do to avoid failure.  By fochllowing this simple 6 things, new bloggers can gain popularity online and become the authority in their niche of preference.

Choose a subject you are compassionate about

This tip, of course, is the most important. Instead of writing on things you think people might want to know more about, consider a subject that truly interests you. Center your topic on a passion, skill, or personal hobby you have rather than one that is popular. Choose a subject that you would feel comfortable talking about with friends.   It can be informative or based on a significant life experience you had that your audience can relate to.

For example, don’t write about the hottest selling handbags if you have no intention on buying one, just because it’s a hot subject. Instead, you may want to write about how your vacation was ruined because you neglected to plan ahead. You can then help prevent your readers from ruining their vacations.

Finally, choose a subject that you have a genuine interest and background in. This will ensure that you know what you’re talking about and won’t lose your interest in it months later. For example, don’t blog about consumer rights unless you have a background in law or years of experience dealing with this subject. Also, don’t blog on a particular topic just for the sake of educating yourself about it, because your blog will most likely be short-lived.

Who your audience are

Before you write, you need to analyze what type of people would benefit from reading your posts and what they can learn from them. First, center your blog around a particular subject. Don’t make your subject too broad or general (ie: “shoes”) because your content will be buried in a sea of millions of other posts. Likewise, don’t choose one that is too specific (ie: “Stacy Adams dress shoes”) this deflects potential readers away.

Say for example, your blog is based on dress shoes. Your audience may be office workers, thus eliminating blue collar workers and athletes. You can then inform your readers which dress shoes are best for those who are on their feet more than half the workday.

Read and evaluate others’ blog posts

Once you’ve decided to blog, naturally, you’ll want to get started ASAP, but wait! Before publishing your first posts, visit as many other blogs as time permits. Evaluate each by making two lists: things you liked about the blogs and things that could be added. By writing them out, you will know how to make your content even more entertaining.

Give your content a personal touch

You want to be genuine and original. Nothing like copying others’ content makes you look unintelligent, phony, and insincere. Nobody likes copycats. No man has ever been made great by imitation. Therefore, you’ll want to include your own insights and feelings on things and perhaps add some humor. For example you can say, “buying dress shoes on your lunch break forces you to decide too hastily.” However, don’t be opinionated on subjects that are publicly controversial, such as gay rights or abortion.

Choose an ongoing topic

To keep readers coming back to your blog again and again, you’ll want to pick a subject that you’ll never run out of content to write about. Say your blog is on dress shoes, don’t limit it to just advice on how to choose the right pair for your needs. Eventually, you’ll run out of things to say about what makes dress shoes comfortable and supportive. For example, you can add things new like brands that offer great support for both men and women, what consumers are saying about the latest brands and styles, which are best and which to avoid, etc.

Hence, you’ll want to choose a topic where new content about it is continuously being released. This may begin with subscribing to a hobby-based magazine or visiting websites with ever-growing content. Rather than making your blog pure factual, you may want to include related fads and trends along with recent experiences people encountered relating to your blog’s topic.

Give your posts a four-part structure

Readers often skim posts when deciding whether to read them or not, usually within the first paragraph or two. Therefore, you’ll want to structure your blog with: 1) a catchy headline, 2) introduction, 3) body, and 4) call-to-action.

Creating an attention-getting headline is most crucial of all. Why? It is what prospective readers base their decision whether to read or not to read your post. Hence, the title must contain as few words as possible but just enough to accurately sum up what the article is about. Its wording must appeal to the emotional nature of readers. For example, “How Quality Dress Shoes Eliminate Foot Pain” informs office workers about avoiding painful feet at work.

Second, the introduction must be capturing. Start out the blog with mind-blowing news. You may state alarming facts or statistics, perhaps something your readers must be aware of. Like the headline, its content must appeal to the readers’ emotions. For example you can say something like, “Did you know foot pain attributes to 24% of absences in the workplace?” or “Poor fitting shoes are proven to cause excessive tiredness”, etc.

Third is obtaining a well-written body. Now that you’ve captured the interest of the reader, your next goal is to keep it. Thus, the body’s content must build on what the headline and the introduction said. Use wording sparingly and avoid wandering off the subject. State material facts and back them up with examples. Most of all, don’t make the body too long. Remember, readers want to find answers to their questions or additional info to satisfy their curiosity ASAP and move on. Articles with overly long bodies often discourage people from the start.

Finally, there is the call-to-action. Not only have you stated the facts and elaborated on them, now you must steer them in the right direction. This may mean getting them to visit your website, purchase a product you sell, join an organization, or to just visit your blog regularly. The call-to-action then represents the final step and hopefully the fulfillment of their satisfaction. Make it count and they will return.


To be write an article that will attract readership, your article needs person touch, appear professional and most of all answer the problem faced by the reader. After all, in the internet world people have less and less attention to a long post without answering their question. So be to the point and answer problem faced by your reader.

Why 98% of new bloggers fail and quit in first 6 months?

homer simpson fail quote98 per cent of new bloggers fail to make money and quit miserably within first six months. This phrase is true and applies to me too. Back then, I wish I had received better advice on how I can start a successful blog. Instead, I started my blog with a sole intention to make side income without much consideration nor solid planning. At that time, I focus my content strategy on Google Trend  which was somewhat successful but I could not continue after the first 6 months as I have ran out of ideas and the laziness kicks in. I simply give up after 6 months of blogging without a real purpose and research. Now, I have learnt my lesson and want you not to repeat the same mistake and hence before you start creating “Just another wordpress.com site” and fails just like the other 98% of new bloggers out there, I want you to consider the following two points:

1/ What will you write about?

This is an important homework and a good start before even start register a domain name and get hosting etc. It is a step that is needed to stay focus and be in a niche that will let you earn money through various ways. From my own experience, I myself was among the 98% of new blogger when I started out. My mistake was that I blog on topics that are in the hot trend at that point in time. Without any particular focus and without much in depth knowledge of the topic, despite I earn several bugs here and there, I did not simply have any more energy to continue. Therefore, the moral of my story is that instead of write about anything, think of your passion. Think of the things or activities that make you excited.

Passion is a key because you simply have more things to write about. Passion gives you an edge as compare to the other 98% bloggers out there simply because you know more than them. Passion gives you motivation to stay focus and ability to produce more articles for your blog in a shorter time frame. Finally, when you are passionate on certain topic and write about it, reader could feel it in your article and naturally you become an expert in their eyes.

To give you an example, my passion is to earn extra income online. When I started as freelancing, I failed miserably  because it required me to write almost in all topic. However, this does not mean I become an expert in any topic. In fact, I had to spend hours an hour of research time before I can write for my client. It was not pleasant. Then when I started this blog, I feel so comfortable now as I am writing in the area I know best and the area I like.This results in a blog where I write almost every day with the aim of reaching 52 quality articles per year.

Similarly, say if you are a bookworm a book review site would be the ideal niche to go to. Did I tell you yet that you can make money reviewing books? Simple, whenever you review a book, you can refer the reader to Amazon websites and that visitor turns to be a buyer of a book or any other product on Amazon, you earn at least 4% of the book’s cost.

2/ Does the topic of your blog has any commercial intent aspect to it?

Not all niche is the same. Some are more profitable than other. Some are more competitive while other are too narrow. Hence, while you have brainstorming session on the above points, you need to further shortlist of the niche that has a commercial intent.

So what is topic with commercial  intent anyway?

Commercial intent is a phrase we refer to situation where a person has the intention to buy products or services.

Buying is a process. According to a book by James Engel and David Kollat, the buying process starts with a desire to solve one’s problem. It continues with information research and then evaluation of all options available. Finally, buying decision occurs and followed by the post purchase behaviour. Therefore, to avoid the pitfall I made many years a go, focus your energy on two things:

a/ Create a niche blog which focus on commercial intent topic.

There are many way to earn money from your blog. First method is Google AdSense. In this method, you earn money every time someone click on the ads appeared on your site. The amount per click you earn depends pretty much on the niche you are in. My blog on latest car models earn me so more than my humour and video sites (average of 0.55$ per click in the car model site vs 0.04$ in the humour blog).  This lesson tells me that in the humour niche, readers visit my site with no intention to perform a business transaction at all. They visit my site either to relax or to connect with other people through my forum. On the other hand, visitor who visits my latest car blog comes to learn more what is upcoming car and what do they expect of the new car i.e. they are performing a research of the new car, either they want to buy that car model or they simply want to learn more for their next car.

The second method to earn money by blogging is by selling products through Amazon. In this method, your blog shall focus on the commercial products that you could find on amazon. I find a niche that most people can do is hobby because all of us somehow have a hobby. Say if you are a fan of star war, then blog on star war and perform a review of star war miniature for instance. Whenever you create a niche that has a commercial intent where people can perform business transaction, you are one step ahead of your competitor. In the same concept above, my humour site did very badly because my visitor really comes to my site to relax, not to buy.

The moral of this lesson is to stay away from humour site and focus on niche that has a commercial intent aspect to it.

b/ Your content strategy shall focus on 3rd and 4th stage of buying process

The 3rd stage and 4th stage of buying process are: evaluation of all available option and buying process. Therefore your site’s content strategy shall focus on developing articles that help buyers make the decision. This can be achieved through writing posts which contain the following purchasing intent keyword:

  • Best price for + product name (example: best price for Camry 2005)
  • Cheap + product name + Location (example: cheap apple watch in Phnom Penh)
  • Discount + product or services (example: discount furniture stores in Sihanoukville)
  • Compare price for + product name + online (example: compare price for Borey Peng Huot online)
  • Product name + review (example: My Online Business Education Review)
  • Where to buy + product keyword + Location (example: Where to buy John Deere Z235 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Therefore to avoid starting a new blog and fail, remember to think of two things – what topic you are passionate about and whether that topic has sufficient purchasing intent aspect to it. Once you are set on the two points, you are destined for success online and avoid the pothole of bloggers that fail and quit in their first few months.

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My top tier business 21 steps reviews day 1 to day 4

My Online Business Education or MOBE has one product that is well sold over the Internet to educate the average joe and seasoned business owner or internet marketer to bring their business to the next level. This product is My Top Tier Business or MTTB 21 Step Systems. Upon graduated from this 21 steps you shall be independent and start seeing the benefit of this program. Below is my lesson learnt from Day 1 to Day 4 of this my top tier business 21 steps.

MTTB Step 1 – How do you make 6 figure in your first year of internet marketing

So my first day watching the Step 1 of MTTB was exciting. It kicked off after an 8 minutes call with Grant, my level one MOBE Coach. He is pleasant and right on time with our schedule. He introduced and interviewed me on what my goal is and what I do. One thing I learnt from this conversation is that if I am going to make money with Mobe, I need to have a target or goal in mind – both short term and long term. For me, the short term goal is as follow:

  • Making a minimum of 6’000$ within first 6 months of completing 21 steps

  • Making an average of 8’000$ monthly between 6 to 12 months

In this step, Matt Lloyd introduces on why it is so important to promote a proven product. For example, instead of trying to create a restaurant that specializes in Pho (Vietnamese noodle)  from scratch, you could buy in fact buy a franchise rights from Pho24 .  The franchise business simply works because it has a system in place. By buying rights to the Pho24 franchise, you in fact leverage on their existing proven product and services i.e. you leverage their successful business system.

The 2nd point on MTTB step 1 is that you should focusing on selling a  high ticket product. This has not surprised me at all, having been earning more than 14k$ over the last five years, I understand well how much heavy traffic I have to drive to my sites in order to make that amount. Therefore instead of earning just 47$ per sale, what if we make 1000$ per sale? This would be definitely more sweeter deal. And you may, just like me, wonder why would people spend so much money to pay for an informational product? Because that product solves their problem. I remember in early summer of 2000 when I was in Bak Touk high school, I was a timid boy who secretly fell in love with a classmate. She has long hair, fair skin, a Chinese descendant, if I may say. Being timid did not help me at all. Luckily, my friend introduced me to a book on how to build self confident in relationship. Without hesitation, my 1.25$ is gone to the seller and I get the book back on my hand. This lesson tells you that if the product solves people problem, then they will buy it. Therefore, do not be afraid to promote a high price product.

MTTB Step 2 – The missing ingredient that 99% miss in business success

Begin with the end in mind is my take away in Step 2. In fact this quote comes from a book by Stephen Covey called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Always start the process with the end in mind. What do you want to achieve as an Internet Marketer? The answer is very simple: making more money. As such Matt Lloyd explains that the missing ingredient here is the “Economic” or the profit that you keep in every sale. In that sense, Matt does not want you to fall into the trap of thinking that traffic is the king because it is not. In order to be profitable, that traffic must bring in sale and that revenue earned shall not exceed your cost, whatever it may be.

MTTB Step 3 – Are you equipped with millionaire mindset?

Mindset is what it counts. It is important to shift your mindset from employee mindset to business owner mindset. Matt introduces the concept as presented in Robert Kyosaki, the cashflow quadrant  In every challenges, there is an opportunity. Instead of complaining, take action. Committed to be rich instead of simply want to be rich. It is all about mindset and we need to recondition our mind to think positive and aim at achieving it.

I did not fail I successful found out what did not work 10000 times.

MTTB Step 4 – Why 85% of franchises succeed while other businesses fail

Franchises vs brick and mortar business, which one is better. The answer seems to point to the fact that franchise work better as it has already have a proven system that work. Whereas the brick and mortar business is quite risky if you start out without  any experience.

I am a strong believe in franchise business as well for the following reasons. First, before a business can be open up for franchise, they have successfully ran their business. In other words, they have experience and knowledge on how to run in their line of business. Second, franchise business has a proven system in place. By system, I refer to their supply chain and their backend administrative support mechanism. Finally, by joining the franchise, you are not alone. There will be coach and support team to help you along the way shall you need a helping hand.

One thing that I really enjoy in this video is that unlike brick and mortar business, an online business can earn you money while you sleep. In order to make it big, investing in a franchise like business is highly recommended. That is how Mobe is introduced i.e. it is a franchise-liked business i.e. it has a proven system in place.

So this comes to the end of day 1 to day 4 review of My Top Tier Business 21 steps.

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