7 ways to increase traffic by article marketing

article-marketingSo now you have a new product to market. Placing a simple advertisement may be great, but that alone may not tell everything you want your potential customers to know about it. That’s where article marketing comes in.

What Is Article Marketing?

Placing ads about your business is just not enough. After all, they only say so much. On the other hand, article marketing allows you to describe your product in full, informing your readers with enough vital details to want to investigate it even more or perhaps buy it. With an article, you can promote a product by attracting the type of consumers who will benefit from it and telling them how it will satisfy their wants or needs. If the article is convincing, inquiring readers will want to go to your website to find out even more about it and perhaps, purchase it.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your article must be extremely long. Instead, it should be short and concise, describing your product in full without disclosing too many complex or boring details. Most readers’ time is valuable and thus, people can be impatient or lose focus on what it’s about. They just want to find what they’re looking for in a matter of seconds, then move on. Hence, many will scan over it and thus, by breaking your article into sections with subheadings containing vital keywords, this will make it easier to read.

For example, if you’re advertising facial cream, you may want to state how your brand moisturizes your skin and helps remove wrinkles. You then will want to briefly describe what ingredients and nutrients it has that makes it work better and faster at restoring your skin than other brands, but don’t blast your readers with excessive medical terminology and long ingredient names that only dermatologists are familiar with. Doing so will only scare your readers away and they definitely won’t be interested in checking your site out.

Seven Steps to Bring Traffic to Your Website

Tips on increasing traffic flow to your website are as follows:

1. Identify your topic and keywords:

Your topic must be obvious since this is what your article and website are about. Based on it, this is how you determine which keywords that people will likely type in to find your article. Your next task is to find keywords that both describe your product and are words or phrases readers commonly search for. For example, if you sell facial cream then ‘facial cream’ is your topic. Think up as many keywords that are relevant to your product and accurately describe it. Of course, these are words that appear on the label as ‘moisturizer’, ‘exfoliator’, ‘wrinkle remover’, ‘younger looking skin’, etc. Finally, you’ll want to check out Google’s Adwords site for more suggestions. Here, you will find numerous keywords or phrases, perhaps many you never thought of, for example ‘best facial cream’. Each keyword is listed with the average monthly searches (number of) and amount of competition (low, medium, or high). Ideally, you’ll want to choose words with low competition and high monthly searches, but if you can’t find any, don’t fret. Choose only the words that your article is about. Using irrelevant keywords is not only a deceptive way of acquiring traffic, but may bring you hate mail and hurt your online reputation.

2. Write concise articles:

The ideal length of an article is about 400 – 600 words written in 12-point font. Again, long articles can turn off readers that gaze at them and many readers have short attention spans. Keep it to one page and stay focused on your topic.

3. Use targeted keywords in your title:

Focus on one or two main keywords and be sure to include them in the title of your article. For example, your title may be “The Best Facial Cream for Younger Looking Skin” or “How This Facial Cream Exfoliates Your Skin”.

4. Publish your articles on a popular article marketing website:

Such sites are made specifically for businesses who want to gain exposure online by having people read their articles and directing these readers back to their websites. Articles are usually placed within categories and subcategories where they can easily be found. Which article sites are best? For example, Ezinearticles.com brings in over one million monthly visitors and is proven to be the leading directory in article marketing according to PerfectSpace. Other similar popular article sites are: ArticleBiz.com, ArticleCity.com, Buzzle.com, and GoArticles.com. Because each has their own policies and rules, you may want to do some research to find the one that works best for you. Find out their membership prices and policies and read reviews on each before joining.

5. Create a ‘signature line’:

This is simply a short line that will follow each of your articles and will bring your readers to your website. For example, yours may say something like: For more info on our line of revolutionary exfoliating skin creams, please visit www.KarolsSkinCreams.com. This can be a simple line you can cut and paste into all of your articles and it is to be placed in the ‘resource box’ at the end of your article.

6. Submit your articles:

Make sure the article’s content is free of grammatical and spelling errors and that it accurately describes your product. Remember, your article must meet the staff’s qualifications before it can be published on the article marketing site.

7. Submit articles regularly:

The more regularly you submit, the more in tune you will appear to your readers and the greater exposure you’ll receive. Likewise, if you can, have your articles submitted to multiple article marketing sources as this will increase your streams of traffic to your site.

In Conclusion

Article marketing is a free or low-cost way to advertise your products or services on the internet. It serves as a secondary stream of traffic to your website while attempting to win over customers ways that conventional ads cannot. Readers then find your article on popular article-based sites through the use of keywords placed in a search engine optimization manner. If your article captures and keeps their attention, they will likely check out your website and purchase whatever it is you have to sell. Thus, if done correctly, article marketing will be well worth the effort you put into it.

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