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My name is Sambo from the heart of Cambodia – that is Phnom Penh. I am a happy father of two boys. At the beginning of 2003 I stumbled upon by chance figure out how I can make money online virtually from home. At that time, I was doing mostly freelancing writing blog post in the area of my interests. Since having my first boy time is more of an essence as I’d prefer to spend more time with him rather than writing for someone else. Since then I have moved on to different methods on finding money online and recently ventured into a very lucrative online venture – interest to know why? read on…

3 reasons I left my freelancing job?

There are three reasons why I have moved away from freelancing. The first is I’d prefer to spend quality time with my kids. Having kids was one of the most amazing thing I have experienced. Despite the sleepless night and putting up with the noisy cries now and then, they brought smile and light up my life. Therefore, leaving freelancing is one of the wise choice I made 5 years a go. Since then I have more time for my lovely kids. The second reason is that I cannot scale with freelancing. With this model, money get into my bank account only when I have time to write. It only pays whenever I manage to get more clients and write during my free time. With little time on hand, I decided it is time to move on. Finally, as time passes I start to get more knowledge on Internet Marketing and therefore it is really time to move on to something more sustainable.

Four methods I have used since I left freelancing in 2011 which made me more than 14,259$?

1/ AdSenses

Every online marketer would know what Google AdSense is. Basically, it is an advertising platform allowing business owner, entrepreneur and internet marketer to advertise their goods and services on a publisher’s website or blog. As a website owner, after placing an AdSense ads into your sites and when visitor clicks on the ads, Google pays you part of the earning it  gets from the advertiser. It is as simple as that and I’m telling that 83% of my 14,259$ come from AdSense. One of the key success is that I made many niche sites dedicated to high paying keywords – Want to learn more ?  Sign up here so that I will send you tips and trick so you can earn more with AdSense.

2/ Clickbank

To combat the ever changing Google algorithm update, I started looking around the internet on how to make money online. I recall at that time the most famous website or forum was DigitalPoint where I spent many of the late night oil, after all the babies are asleep, hogging the computer trying to find another way. That is when I learnt about Affiliate Marketing (AM). In short, AM is very similar to AdSense except you earn larger amount of money when people buy a product from the affiliated link you promote on your site. For example, I am promoting Auto Affiliate Program now. For each client I refer to this company, I earn 47$, pretty slick eh? Yes it is as simple as that.

3/ Amazon

In early 2015, I read a book by Chris Philips: The Ultimate Steps to bulding an online business. It was a very short read and I complete it in less than 4 hours on one fine Sunday. I was so inspired that I have started my own Amazon Affiliate sites – see www.prowatchstore.com for example of a site still earn me commission now and then. Although the commission is very low (between 4 to 8.5%), the benefit of promoting Amazon is that people are ready to spend as they already trust Amazon.

4/ Mobe

A big moment for me is when I met Sam from UK on 11 Jan 2016. As Khmer, I believe in fate. Here is the story. On 7 Jan, Sam admitted me into his exclusive Facebook page on Internet Marketing. On that day itself I tried unsuccessfully to have a call with him as I was dying to have an answer to questions I have on Mobe before joining. Unfortunately Sam who is already in the system was not available for me on that day, I was devastated. On an exciting 9 Jan, he wrote on his facebook timeline announcing he is coming to town which is totally unexpected and not based on my invitation, I was like whaaat?? So I took a chance and managed to get a face to face meeting at his hotel during lunch. After spending one and half hour discussing on what Mobe is, I knew immediately that Mobe is the future for me if I am to make big online and paying off my mortgage, bank loan and to save up for the future.

Wanted to earn extra cash blogging?

If you read until here, congratulation. It means you have desire to make some side money from your own work from home. To be successful and really make money online it is important that you set a proper mindset. Therefore ask yourself the following questions:

1/ Are you a quitter?

If your answer is yes, then this blog is not for you – Leave now.

If your answer is No, I am not a quitter. Then you have the right mindset to continue on with your dream of earning money online. You may recall the image below which well describes how close you are toward your goal before you quit. So the moral of the story here is to never quit.


2/ Are you a committed and hardworking person?

If you are someone who is lazy, then forget about making money online. There is no free lunch nor a quick way toward wealth. It takes sweat, time and money to make money just like any other day job. The different is that with online, you can work anyway and anytime. You do not even need to have a big capital to start seeing money start rolling out.

In short, if you are a committed, hardworking with a never quit attitude, then Sambo Luy can help you. With more than 13 years of online freelancing, blogging and internet marketing, you are at the right place to learn and apply what I have learnt. So do sign up here and I will send you the secret I have kept for the past years of making money online.

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