One month’s later – How was my experiment going?

As promise, this is one month’s later on my experiment on daily posting on impact on traffic.

So I have seriously been putting daily sweat and tear to keep up and running with daily posting. Together with the daily posting, I also do keep social marketing going on as well. So here is the result:

Current Domain Authority on 13 May 2017: 10 out of 100

Homelilys Domain Authority on 13 May 2017

Alexa Ranking on 13 May 2017: 2,124,268 which represents 10% increase as compared to last month (2,376,368)

KPI monitored are:

  • Average Session- 13 May: Average of 65.2. Below the expectation of over 100 sessions per day.
  • Page per Session- 13 May: 1.56. Higher than the expected result of 1.51 last month.
  • Bounce Rate – 13 May: 67.54%. Better than the expected result of 68.25%
  • Social Traffic Source – 13 May:  23.8%. Higher than the expected result of 16.72%
  • Organic Search Traffic Source – 13 May: 13.5%. Higher than the expected result of 10.78%

homelilys google analytics on 13 May 2017


homelilys analytics top channels

Result Summary

Across all the KPI monitor (except one), the result is very promising. The one that was not meeting with the expectation is linked to the average session per day. The lesson learnt on that is my expectation is too high considering I have just started to seriously blog everyday.

On the other hand, the social marketing strategy is promising and highly recommended. For instance, before the daily blogging and social media marketing, the social segment represents 179 session for 30 days whereas after the daily blogging, this social segment hits 466 for 30 days period.

Looking ahead

Build on this promising result, I am going to continue the daily blogging experiment with social marketing strategy. For the next month, I am going to also invest up to 500$ per months on link building.

The expected result would be 10% increase in all the KPI mentioned here.

See you next month


Experiment: Daily Posting and Impact on Traffic

Finally, I am doing something I dread doing for a long time: An experimenting on daily posting and its impact on site traffic.
Yes, you hear it right. I am doing to start posting daily on a blog for a month period and at the end of the month, I will reveal to you the result of that experiment. So below are some facts:

homelilys moz domain authority on 12 April 2017

  • Alexa Ranking on 12 April 2017: 2,376,368
  • KPI to be monitors are:
    • Average Session- Current: less than 100 sessions per day – Expect: over 100 sessions per day
    • Page per Session- Current: 1.37 – Expect: 1.51
    • Bounce Rate – Current: 75.83 – Expect: 68.25%
    • Social Traffic Source – Current:  15.2%  – Expect: 16.72%
    • Organic Search Traffic Source – Current: 9.8% – Expect: 10.78%

homelilys google analytics on 12 April 2017



homelilys traffic source on 12 April 2017

How do I plan to get Traffic to homelilys?

Besides daily posting, I will be doing the Social Media activities in the following manner:

1- Post on Facebook fan pages and groups

2- Pin post on Pinterest

3- Other social activities when time permit.

Alright, that is all for now. It is time for me to head to now to start my Day1.

TEC Mastermind Group has Launched

Finally, the wait is over. It is a reality now and the new funnel of TEC Mastermind is launched on 17 September 2016 at 6pm Eastern Time.

Here is a sneak preview of how the TEC Mastermind Funnel looks like:



The front end of the TEC Mastermind Funnel is targeted at cold traffic. I must say, it does look really good and attractive. Being part of the TEC Mastermind myself, I truely believe in this system.

Basically, the benefits of being inside the TEC Mastermind Group are:

  • Multiple Income Stream – This is gold!
  • Over the shoulder watching what Vick does to drive laser targeted traffic in Operation 100K.
  • Fast peer support at exclusive FB club
  • High profit margin and in many industry

TEC Mastermind not for everyone though

If you look for a rich quick program, this is not for you. I, myself, have been working at least 3 hours a day since a month now and I am happily announce that I have learnt a lot from scratch and have already recoup my investment – see my proof here.tec-mastermind-funnel

This is also not for those at their last dollar i.e. If you do not have any other source of income, I would not recommend this program. Instead, try something else which exchange your knowledge for money.

Okie, gotta run now as I am on the move now. Click here to watch the TEC Mastermind in detail.


What is TEC Mastermind?

No one reads my blog

Did you remember the sensation of rushing to publish your last blog and waiting for people to visit? And then silence, not a single soul visit your post?

I was once in that position, post after post and yet no one seems to interested in visiting my blog. I was unmotivated and almost give up on writing. However, as an action taker, I did not give up and finally have found a strategy that finally work to drive visitors to my blog.

But first why no one visits your blog?

According to Quora, there are 152 million blogs in 2013 alone! That is why no one reads your blog. The culprit is that people are overwhelmed with so many choices and better content out there. Your blog is no exception. To publish a post and wait for people to come and visit it is a history. You need to Promote your blog constantly.


Besides the mountain of competitors out there, other key factors that no one seems to care could be attributed to the design of your blog or the content itself. People are bored with same information over and over again and if your blog is not standout from the rest, then you can forget about getting visitors to stick around.

So here is the #1 solution to get people to read your blog again: Video Marketing

Yep, you hear me right: Video Marketing is how you could finally get people to read your blog again. This strategy works as following:

First, create a video on the your niche. If you are a camera-shy person , like me, you can create a screencast video i.e. instead of shooting a video where you are the actor, you can record what appears on your screen (trust me, it is easier than you may think).

Second, upload your video to YouTube Account. It is important to add a great descriptive title that people would search for. For example: “TEC Mastermind” is not a bad title BUT it is not great. Instead use this: “TEC Mastermind review“.  This is because people who intend to buy stuff online will look for a review of that particular product review first. Ohh, remember to add your blog URL in the description field in the first paragraph itself, seriously you will be surprise how many people have failed to add that

Third, promote your YouTube Video to your Social Media Account. A simple link to your Facebook account would do the trick of driving traffic to your YouTube Video.

Voila, that is the three steps to getting people indirectly visiting your blog once again through YouTube Marketing.

Want Proof? See my own personal experiment on Video Marketing here:

So I did an experiment to see if I could rank on first page of Google Search by using youtube video by following the three steps I have just highlighted. The result did not disappoint me at all. In less than 24 hours after publishing my video, I manage to rank in the top 10 search result in a fairly competitive keywords related to “TecAdemics” – see screenshot here:



Not convincing yet? Search Google for your self for the keywords “TEC Mastermind review” or “TEC Mastermind” and “Can you really make money with Tecademics?” .

With this youtube marketing, you can start immediately and see result Fast

get laser targeted visitors using Video Marketing

I am a Camera-Shy Person. I do not want to appear in front of Camera. This has held me back for very long time. Until one day I decided to jump aboard without risking myself in front of the camera. This is made possible thank to the screen recording software. The best part, it is a free software name: Screencast O Matic

In less than 3 hours, I manage to create my first ever video. It was then published to my YouTube Channel  on 1st September 2016. Less than 2 weeks, more and more people have seen my YouTube video with a total combined views of 110.

Final thought on solution to “No one reads my blog” and the importance of video marketing

Take action, is my advice. No visitor will come to your site if you don’t take action. Now go on and create your first video and I guarantee you will be smiling as I did.

PS: Watch my review of Four Percent Group here:  Youtube review of Four Percenter


The Four Percent Group reviews – Scam?

What is the Four Percent Group?

The Four Percent Group is a movement or a tribe and a community of online entrepreneur built upon a concept “Systems work, People fail“. It is a brainchild of Vick Strizheus who is widely known as Internet Traffic Guru. He made his name through his product High Traffic Academy 2.0 which has trained many online entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers to drive target traffic to make sales.

The 4 percent group suite of products include

  • Training program under the code name “Operation 100K” where a fictitious newbie character with a name of David Jones who will attempt to make 100,000USD under 90 days.
  • The Journey video where Vick interviews successful online internet Marketers in their niche
  • The Multiple Stream of Income
  • The most lucrative back-end high ticket sale product by TecAdemics (previously known as Internet Marketing College).

The 4 percent group uses Clickbank as their main merchant and where new affiliate can sign up from that.

Join the 4 Percent Group Now

What the Four Percent Group is Not?

It is not a MLM! People sometimes consider 4% group to be a Multi-Level Marketing, but it is not. It does not have any unlimited hierarchy. People do not get paid/commission from your down-line’s sale. Except for the high end ticket sale (if you do decide to promote without buying the product first), you will need to pass up your commission accordingly (which in my opinion is a fair process given that you are not experience what the product can help you to achieve)

It is not a Scam either (IMHO). First of all, according to the Merriam Webster  dictionary, a Scam is

a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people

The key phrase here is deceiving people to make money. Scammer in recent history includes the famous Bernard Madoff who led a famous ponzi scheme before getting arrested in 2008. Given this definition, in my opinion, the four percent group is not a scam. Instead, I find that the 49USD monthly fee is a money well spent. What I get in return is far more worthwhile than what I have invested. I get access to the Internet Marketing training (I especially interested in Vick’s traffic method), the motivation and the exclusive webinar which has helped me to further my knowledge. Especially, the FB’s exclusive group dedicated for 4 percenter is a strong resource which has driven me to take action each and everyday. In other words, it is a money well spent and I do get value back from this group.

It is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme as well. So if you plan to get rich overnight, please stay away from this group or any other legit online opportunity. Having been online more than 10 years, I could say I’ve seen it almost all and have lost enough money on shady products before making my own judgement. There is NO such legal thing as being a millionaire overnight. It takes dedication, persistent and lots of hard work! The Four Percent Group is just a mean to your end and YOU are still the main actor to make thing works for you step by step.

Four reasons that the Four Percent Group is right for me

Before joining, just like you, I did my own research on this platform. Two main points attract me to the 4 percenter.

The first is Vick Strizheus himself. I have never heard of him when I was introduced by my fellow MOBE mastermind group. However, after my own research and through viewing some youtube video of him I knew that I would learn useful cold traffic strategy from him. At the same time, just like me, you may have noticed some negative presses on vick’s previous job at the insurance industry but personally I could not confirm this. However, regardless of his past, the fact that he could teach fellow 4 percenter how to drive targeted traffic outweigh his past history. You need to learn the best part and leave the bad part out – just like learning the best part from the rich dad poor dad.

The second is the ‘operation 100k’. After watching the free webinar on ‘how to sell without selling‘, I decided to leap into platform and watch how Mr. David Jones, as a totally newbie, manages to make 100,000USD in 90 days. This operation is an exclusive training by Vick and it is worth In short, this operation 100k by Vick alone is worth at least 3’000 USD. And so far, I have not been disappointing yet.

The third is the Multiple Income Stream that could be generated on auto pilot through this system. How it works is that you could plug multiple affiliate products into the 4% platform and the system will do the selling and generate extra income for you.

The final reason is the tipping point that decides my fate to jump on-board. The reason is that I can build my email list quick with the Done-for-You Funnel. You see with what Vick Strizheus has done is he setups several templates on ClickFunnel where we, as 4 percetner, can copy and paste into our ClickFunnel account and start building Email List from day one without any technical barrier. If you do not know yet, building email list should be your main priority if you want to do business online. Of course, your first priority is still to give value back to your customers and fellow marketers.

Have I make any money yet?

Less than a month of joining the group, I have already recouped what I have paid for (49$/month) with 3 sales. The image below shows my current Four Percent dashboard:

Four Percent Group Dashboard
Dashboard of Sambo Luy during his first month with the Four Percent Group

Before making decision to join the four percent group read the following points first:

  • There is a monthly fee of 49$ during this pre-launch period
  • The commission is 50% recurring– meaning you could recoup your investment after you make 2 referal
  • Receive a Done-for-You Funnel developed by Vick, meaning the hard part is done for you already
  • Access to webinar, training for newbies and advance user
  • Access to the exclusive FB group just for 4 percenter (I make full use of this group and had learnt a lot from fellow group member there)
  • Be expected to test run Email Marketing Software such as aweber or getResponse and ClickFunnel.
  • Be ready to take action and put effort in order to make this work for you.
  • If you are totally newbie, it could be overwhelm. That is why it is important to have a supported group i.e. through FB or speak to your sponsor (myself) for help.

Final thought on the Four Percent Group

To conclude my Four Percent Group review, I’d like to remind you again that to make money online, it takes hard work, persistence and lots of patience. If you do not take action, no product or system could save you, this is the hard truth.

Finally, at no extra cost to you, click here to join me and my team ==>> As a bonus for signing up, you will have access to 30 minutes coaching one-on-one to kick start your journey with me. I will also reveal my exact method I had use to drive those sales. So add me to your FB once you sign up here

Ready to be 4 Percenter? click here

FAQ on the Four Percent Group

1- Why is 4 Percent Group different from any other programs?
The main different I find in 4 Percent Group is two things: the Multiple Income Stream and the 100K operation. These two benefits alone make this a unique opportunity to learn, apply and earn passive income quickly.

2- How much does it cost to join 4 percenter?
The monthly fee is 49$ per month during the pre-launch stage and could go up to 249$ per month after real product launch in September 2016. By the way, have you ever asked yourself how much of 49$ have you spent on unnecessary things lately?

3- How many sale you have to make to recover your investment?
It takes just two sales to recoup your initial investment if you focus on money aspect alone. However, the benefits such as watch over Vick’s shoulder worth more than that monthly fee.

4- Any extra cost?
The 49$ monthly fee is the minimum cost. Depending on how you plan to promote the products, other software such as email auto responder, Funnel Software are needed. The software in my opinion is essential if you are serious in building your business online. Furthermore, other costs could be linked to your advertising campaign if you decide to go with paid advertising.

5- Is 4 Percent Group a Scam?
No, it is not a scam, imo. Personally, I have received value from it and already could see for myself how the system works. Frankly, people who tend to think everything is a scam (I once was that person) is those who was not aware of the value of the products or services of the company. Therefore, I challenge you to watch Vick’s presentation here and if you resonate with the vision of the 4 percenter, then join us. Else, stop wasting your time.

6- Is 4 percent team a get rich quick scheme?
No, it is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires you to put your effort and dedication to make it works. The good news is that tips and tricks to make sale can be learnt but it is up to you to take action and make it work.

7- So what is required from you really?
To make any Affiliate Program works, you need to drive targeted traffic to your referral link. The good news is that Vick who is the CEO of the Four Percent Group is the Traffic Guru and you will be in good hand. The 2nd most important requirement is hard work, dedication and action taker.

I am ready to Dominate! Get me there

is 4 percent group a scam by vick strizheus

But I don’t have Money

I was once broke,  literally.

I was struggling in early 2001 but I persisted as I always have hope. Hope keeps me alive and positive. Hope makes me take continuous actions and bit by bit I built up my online business till today. With less than one dollar a day back then, I clearly sympathy with you out there who want to make a different but are dead broke. If you are in that position, read on.

But I dont have money

But I dont have Money

The good news is that you still can make money online, legally. Here, your main focus shall be exchanging your knowledge or labour for a fee. You see, I started out exactly in that position back in 2003 when I used my knowledge in Flash programming to do freelancing Job. So yes, if you are struggling to make money online, start selling your services in one of the websites below:

If you have a passion for writing, start with blogging, and start using Adsense to monetize your writing. Once your blog starts to have some traction with some commendable traffic, then start selling advertising space on it. I find this strategy works pretty well while you are gathering your passive income. Ultimately, you will and should focus on affiliate marketing which is one of my top earner method.

On the other hand, if you hate writing, choose Fiverr or Upwork where you are selling your expertise to a fee. If you are a graphic designer, you could do banner ads for 5 dollar, for example. As a matter of fact, I have paid a Fiverr 5$ for designing a cover page for my giveaway ebook on how to increase email optin rates to 58% overnight. So yea, you could legally earn 5$ if you take action!

My recommendation for newbie is to stick to ONE method only. Stay focus is the key, keep taking action each and everyday. Remember, the only way you fail is when you quit! So stay focus and continue to fine tune your skill and you will be successful.

ps: Whether you are newbie or expert on Internet Marketing, take action 30 minutes each day is the secret to success, watch here to start:

How can I increase the optin rate for my squeeze page (Video)

One of the most asked questions to me is: How can I increase the optin rate for my squeeze page?

Simple! After spending more than 1,395$ with more than 10 suppliers from SoloAds agency, I manage to realize the trick on how one can increase their email marketing campaign opt in rate to stay at between 44% and 58%.

You see, whether you are using a free or paid method of advertising, you will want to build your own list. To ensure you get both quality lead and many of them, you need to optirmize your squeeze page so that more and more people opt into your list. Personally, my first opt in rate for my list was as low as 22% but after a week of tweaking and split testing, I have successfully learn the secret on consistently getting the optin rate of between 44 and 58%. Now, I am showing you the exact method I use and words I put as well as the image I use that make this incredible high conversion rate in the MMO niche.

Want FREE PDF version of this secret method to get high optin instead?

Here is what you need to do, go to YouTube and in the description of that video, you will find the link to download the PDF version (additional tip inside that PDF) of this secret method to increase email marketing optin rate.

Remember to Like, Share and subscribe to my YouTube Account as I continue to reveal the insider’s secret to getting traffic to my List.

I am still struggling to make money online

Are you still struggling with making little money online?

If you are still in that position for more than a year trying to make end meets, you did something wrong. One potential issue is your monetization strategy.  I myself, started off with blogging and had use AdSense to monterize my blog. At the beginning, I earned from several hundred to few thousand dollars a month. One day Google slapped mysite and suddenly traffic started to drop and so did my earning with AdSense.

Then, I started learning the Affiliate Marketing with Amazon. My rational thoughts at that time for choosing Amazon affiliate are:

  • People prefer buying from a renown website.
  • People would buy a physical product instead of non-physical product
  • I still can earn commission on those products people add to their carts after clicking on my referral link.

struggling to make money online

In order to make decent earning from my available traffic, I had to product content after content, review after review. And yet, the commission earned is not up to my expectation since I was earning 4% per sale price. With that, I moved on to a non-physical product or informational product where I finally could say that I could passively earned cash from online business.

Read on to find out why affiliate marketing on non-physical is more lucrative than Amazon, in my opinion:

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is a method to make money online where you recommend someone’s product. In an online world, it means you write a review of a product and invite people to click on a link that will lead them to the  sale page. Once the visitors you have referred buy a product, you make a profit (commission) from the seller. It is as simple as that.

What is the big deal with informational product Affiliate Marketing Anyway?

The beauty of informational product Affiliate Marketing are:

  • You can start immediately (with no website or knowledge of marketing i.e. you can promote on Facebook or Twitter)
  • You dont need to lots of money to start
  • You dont need to create your own product, marketing tools or sale funnel.
  • You dont have to worry about delivery of the product to end customer
  • You are selling a “branded” product i.e. you could leverage on the “brand” mentality of buyer.


The only thing you HAVE to do with Affiliate Marketing is:

  • Drive targeted traffic to your affiliate link.

But isn’t it the same logic for other legitimate methods to earning money online, you protest. Yes and No.

Yes, indeed you still need targeted traffic for your website or blog if you are earning money through AdSense or paid advertising on your website. But No, the potential earning level is so different. Instead of few cent to few dollars per click on AdSense, you could make from 20$ to 1’250$ or more per customer.

So how can you drive targeted traffic to your offer?

Good question! Personally I am still in learning phase. Having said that, the one method I have good success with is paid advertising and my own email List. Yes, you hear me right, Email List is the king.  If you have not started to capture your visitor’s email, you are losing a big chuck of your revenue. So no matter which stage you are in business now, take immediate action to study and implement the Email Marketing. It is so powerful.

On the other hand, if you have less money for paid advertising, there is a free way to promote or recommend the affiliate product as well. The free method consits of blogging, facebooking and forum posting. These free method to gather traffic could be powerful but if you, like me, dont have time OR hate to sell to someone on my FB’s friend list, Paid Advertising is the way to go.

Stay tune to my blog and I will return with more tips on Paid Advertising separately.

3 top mistakes I made when I first started with Affiliate Marketing


Dont make the same mistakes I did 10 years a go:

  • Promote multiple products at the same time – lack of focus.
  • Do not experience the product myself – How can we promote something we do not use ourselves!
  • Afraid to spend Money

First, do not promote more than 2 products at the same time. You will lose focus and trust me, your reader will know! I am speaking of an MMO niche, here. Especially if you are running an Email Marketing campaign and only have a few list without proper segmentation, it is important not to bombard your list with promotion after promotion. People buy from people who provide value. They hate spammer! Of course, if you are selling physical products from Amazon Affiliate, you could definitely review multiples products at the same time.

Second, buy the product yourself to experience what your customer experience. If you dont have money, use the Money back guarantee which most product owner allows up to 60 days of risk free Money Back. At the end of the day, nothing is more valuable than investing in yourself and in this case, investing in learning opportunity.

Finally, invest in yourself. Just like when we goes to university for a Degree, we paid for tuition fee, food or/and dormitory. So the same concept applies in online business. Wouldn’t you want to invest to make your business grows? It takes time and real cash to keep a business going, so dont be afraid to lose money to make real cash.

Bonus tips on finding the right Affiliate Product to promote.

The most important thing in selecting the right Affiliate Product is to review its total cost of ownership. What I mean in laymen term is that once you send people to the seller’s sale page, you want to make sure you could continue to get commission from future purchase of that lead.

This is my secrete to making high ticket sale with MOBE.  The benefit I get with MOBE is that once I refer one customer to the sale team, the lead will be linked to my ID for life and therefore, any future commission made (as long as I am positioned myself correctly) will go to my bank account.

ps: Join me and follow my coach to your success, start here –>

Hope is a good thing and no good thing ever dies

My love story continues…

One gloomy Saturday noon, while I was listening to the pouring rain, the phone ranged on the near end of my room. I was almost certain it was going to be Vichet who was my ferocious boss at a local coffee shop I was working not long ago. Within seconds, I scrambled myself toward the roaring phone. A loud rough voice can clearly be heard on the other line. “Where are you… I need you here NOW.. Sambat cannot make it today”. Before I could even respond, Vichet cut off the phone abruptly… I was trembling with fear as this part time job was my lifeline.

But how can I go to work when it rained cat and dog here. Besides, it is my off day, it was unfair that Sambat called in sick and now I had to cover for him? I protested in my mind. For the next 10 minutes, I was thinking of a way out. 10 minutes turn into an hour, an hour turns to 3 hours. Suddenly the phone ranged again. This time, I heard a sweet little voice: “bong Sambo, boss is super angry now and is ready to fire you if you are not here in 20 dont lose hopeminutes’. That sweet voice is none other than Thida.

Less than 15 minutes later, I found myself back in the Coffee shop serving Vichet’s customers…

So how does this has to do with making a living online?

Life is tough. Sometime we have to trade our labour for the monthly salary. Sometime we have to face bad boss. Sometime we have to face a backstabbing colleagues. Worst, we have to trade our time for the monthly salary. What if we can start prepare ourselves now for the better future? This is the question I had asked me since 2003.

Since then, I keep nurturing my Hope. The Hope for the better future, the Hope for passive income, the Hope that one day I will be able to make a living of the Internet as many other. The Hope that I could finally become financially free. The hope to send my kids to the best school they choose. Finally the hope to contribute financially back to my Country: Cambodia.

With this hope inside me, I continue to build my online business slowly but surely by taking action regularly. This regular actions that I took is a perfect habit that slowly grow my online business till today.. oh by the way, I have fire myself out of Vichet’s Coffee shop.I am out!

Just like a movie The Shawshank Redemption, the ending is just excellent. It teaches us that to be successful online or offline, we need to put consistent effort. Little by little and we will achieve our goal.  In particular, the following quote is just so right about making money online.

Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies

Hope is a good thing


What happen when we keep Hope Alive, in our dream of making a living online?

As Andy once said “Hope is a good thing, and no good things ever dies”. As long as you keep your hope alive, and keep taking action each day. Which in the online world could make blogging, posting on social media, email marketing or SoloAds. Naturally, you will start to have followers. And trust me, people buy from other people they like or have heard before. As such, the first thing for newbies who are committed to making money on the Internet is to start taking action NOW. So, do keep your hope alive and keep taking action.

ps: Whether you are newbie or expert on Internet Marketing, take action 30 minutes each day, watch here to start:

I’m too afraid of what people think of me

Question: Are you afraid of what people think of you?

I was once like this. In summer of 1999, I was resting in the football field at my school, RUPP. It was a cloudless day with two birds singing side by side near to a large oak tree. Suddenly Thida appeared out of noway and she said ‘Hello Sambo, how are you?’. I almost fell off and was blushed as it was the first time Thida greet me. I would’t dream of that day as I had never ever dare to strike the first conversation for the fear of what people might think of me. What if they think I was a pervert? or worst a playboy who were so flirty? You see in 1999, we did not have any Internet, let alone Facebook and yet I still had that fear which stop me from starting the conversation to this beautiful long black hair lady. Until that one day….

So how does this has to do with making a business online?

Indeed, there is. You see fear is a two edge swords. Fear gives you strength to defend yourself during dangerous encounter. For example, the fear of drowning lead you to fight for your life.

too afraid of what people think

However, when it comes to online business fear will stop you from being open and helping other people. You see Business is all about helping and serving people. Have you ever wonder no matter how populous the world is, people have different knowledge and skill set that could help one another. Likewise, you too! you could help another fellow to solve his or her problem. So stop being afraid of what people might think of you, whether they think you are newbie or a know it all, you are there be yourself and help other people. Pay it forward.

Myself for example, I have passed that stage of being afraid of what people think of me. As a matter of fact, in the Internet Marketing spear, I used to be afraid of being seen as a newbie, or a person who boost too much. And that fear has stopped me from continuing my blogging to share knowledge to the world. As a result, my spear of influence has reduced days by days and I was no longer a person who they would think first for developing the Flash Application.

What happen when we stop fearing of what people think of us?

It was only in early 2016 when I found Mobe (you will see the link below) that I started to shift my paradigm. I have given up of that fear and started to be an open man again. Until today, I have a list of more than 1,000 subscribers and continue to serve them strong.



ps: If you are totally newbie on online business, you will like this: