Experiment: Daily Posting and Impact on Traffic

Finally, I am doing something I dread doing for a long time: An experimenting on daily posting and its impact on site traffic.
Yes, you hear it right. I am doing to start posting daily on a blog for a month period and at the end of the month, I will reveal to you the result of that experiment. So below are some facts:

homelilys moz domain authority on 12 April 2017

  • Alexa Ranking on 12 April 2017: 2,376,368
  • KPI to be monitors are:
    • Average Session- Current: less than 100 sessions per day – Expect: over 100 sessions per day
    • Page per Session- Current: 1.37 – Expect: 1.51
    • Bounce Rate – Current: 75.83 – Expect: 68.25%
    • Social Traffic Source – Current:  15.2%  – Expect: 16.72%
    • Organic Search Traffic Source – Current: 9.8% – Expect: 10.78%

homelilys google analytics on 12 April 2017



homelilys traffic source on 12 April 2017

How do I plan to get Traffic to homelilys?

Besides daily posting, I will be doing the Social Media activities in the following manner:

1- Post on Facebook fan pages and groups

2- Pin post on Pinterest

3- Other social activities when time permit.

Alright, that is all for now. It is time for me to head to homelilys.com now to start my Day1.

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