The Four Percent Group reviews – Scam?

What is the Four Percent Group?

The Four Percent Group is a movement or a tribe and a community of online entrepreneur built upon a concept “Systems work, People fail“. It is a brainchild of Vick Strizheus who is widely known as Internet Traffic Guru. He made his name through his product High Traffic Academy 2.0 which has trained many online entrepreneurs and Internet Marketers to drive target traffic to make sales.

The 4 percent group suite of products include

  • Training program under the code name “Operation 100K” where a fictitious newbie character with a name of David Jones who will attempt to make 100,000USD under 90 days.
  • The Journey video where Vick interviews successful online internet Marketers in their niche
  • The Multiple Stream of Income
  • The most lucrative back-end high ticket sale product by TecAdemics (previously known as Internet Marketing College).

The 4 percent group uses Clickbank as their main merchant and where new affiliate can sign up from that.

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What the Four Percent Group is Not?

It is not a MLM! People sometimes consider 4% group to be a Multi-Level Marketing, but it is not. It does not have any unlimited hierarchy. People do not get paid/commission from your down-line’s sale. Except for the high end ticket sale (if you do decide to promote without buying the product first), you will need to pass up your commission accordingly (which in my opinion is a fair process given that you are not experience what the product can help you to achieve)

It is not a Scam either (IMHO). First of all, according to the Merriam Webster  dictionary, a Scam is

a dishonest way to make money by deceiving people

The key phrase here is deceiving people to make money. Scammer in recent history includes the famous Bernard Madoff who led a famous ponzi scheme before getting arrested in 2008. Given this definition, in my opinion, the four percent group is not a scam. Instead, I find that the 49USD monthly fee is a money well spent. What I get in return is far more worthwhile than what I have invested. I get access to the Internet Marketing training (I especially interested in Vick’s traffic method), the motivation and the exclusive webinar which has helped me to further my knowledge. Especially, the FB’s exclusive group dedicated for 4 percenter is a strong resource which has driven me to take action each and everyday. In other words, it is a money well spent and I do get value back from this group.

It is not a Get Rich Quick Scheme as well. So if you plan to get rich overnight, please stay away from this group or any other legit online opportunity. Having been online more than 10 years, I could say I’ve seen it almost all and have lost enough money on shady products before making my own judgement. There is NO such legal thing as being a millionaire overnight. It takes dedication, persistent and lots of hard work! The Four Percent Group is just a mean to your end and YOU are still the main actor to make thing works for you step by step.

Four reasons that the Four Percent Group is right for me

Before joining, just like you, I did my own research on this platform. Two main points attract me to the 4 percenter.

The first is Vick Strizheus himself. I have never heard of him when I was introduced by my fellow MOBE mastermind group. However, after my own research and through viewing some youtube video of him I knew that I would learn useful cold traffic strategy from him. At the same time, just like me, you may have noticed some negative presses on vick’s previous job at the insurance industry but personally I could not confirm this. However, regardless of his past, the fact that he could teach fellow 4 percenter how to drive targeted traffic outweigh his past history. You need to learn the best part and leave the bad part out – just like learning the best part from the rich dad poor dad.

The second is the ‘operation 100k’. After watching the free webinar on ‘how to sell without selling‘, I decided to leap into platform and watch how Mr. David Jones, as a totally newbie, manages to make 100,000USD in 90 days. This operation is an exclusive training by Vick and it is worth In short, this operation 100k by Vick alone is worth at least 3’000 USD. And so far, I have not been disappointing yet.

The third is the Multiple Income Stream that could be generated on auto pilot through this system. How it works is that you could plug multiple affiliate products into the 4% platform and the system will do the selling and generate extra income for you.

The final reason is the tipping point that decides my fate to jump on-board. The reason is that I can build my email list quick with the Done-for-You Funnel. You see with what Vick Strizheus has done is he setups several templates on ClickFunnel where we, as 4 percetner, can copy and paste into our ClickFunnel account and start building Email List from day one without any technical barrier. If you do not know yet, building email list should be your main priority if you want to do business online. Of course, your first priority is still to give value back to your customers and fellow marketers.

Have I make any money yet?

Less than a month of joining the group, I have already recouped what I have paid for (49$/month) with 3 sales. The image below shows my current Four Percent dashboard:

Four Percent Group Dashboard
Dashboard of Sambo Luy during his first month with the Four Percent Group

Before making decision to join the four percent group read the following points first:

  • There is a monthly fee of 49$ during this pre-launch period
  • The commission is 50% recurring– meaning you could recoup your investment after you make 2 referal
  • Receive a Done-for-You Funnel developed by Vick, meaning the hard part is done for you already
  • Access to webinar, training for newbies and advance user
  • Access to the exclusive FB group just for 4 percenter (I make full use of this group and had learnt a lot from fellow group member there)
  • Be expected to test run Email Marketing Software such as aweber or getResponse and ClickFunnel.
  • Be ready to take action and put effort in order to make this work for you.
  • If you are totally newbie, it could be overwhelm. That is why it is important to have a supported group i.e. through FB or speak to your sponsor (myself) for help.

Final thought on the Four Percent Group

To conclude my Four Percent Group review, I’d like to remind you again that to make money online, it takes hard work, persistence and lots of patience. If you do not take action, no product or system could save you, this is the hard truth.

Finally, at no extra cost to you, click here to join me and my team ==>> As a bonus for signing up, you will have access to 30 minutes coaching one-on-one to kick start your journey with me. I will also reveal my exact method I had use to drive those sales. So add me to your FB once you sign up here

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FAQ on the Four Percent Group

1- Why is 4 Percent Group different from any other programs?
The main different I find in 4 Percent Group is two things: the Multiple Income Stream and the 100K operation. These two benefits alone make this a unique opportunity to learn, apply and earn passive income quickly.

2- How much does it cost to join 4 percenter?
The monthly fee is 49$ per month during the pre-launch stage and could go up to 249$ per month after real product launch in September 2016. By the way, have you ever asked yourself how much of 49$ have you spent on unnecessary things lately?

3- How many sale you have to make to recover your investment?
It takes just two sales to recoup your initial investment if you focus on money aspect alone. However, the benefits such as watch over Vick’s shoulder worth more than that monthly fee.

4- Any extra cost?
The 49$ monthly fee is the minimum cost. Depending on how you plan to promote the products, other software such as email auto responder, Funnel Software are needed. The software in my opinion is essential if you are serious in building your business online. Furthermore, other costs could be linked to your advertising campaign if you decide to go with paid advertising.

5- Is 4 Percent Group a Scam?
No, it is not a scam, imo. Personally, I have received value from it and already could see for myself how the system works. Frankly, people who tend to think everything is a scam (I once was that person) is those who was not aware of the value of the products or services of the company. Therefore, I challenge you to watch Vick’s presentation here and if you resonate with the vision of the 4 percenter, then join us. Else, stop wasting your time.

6- Is 4 percent team a get rich quick scheme?
No, it is not a get rich quick scheme. It requires you to put your effort and dedication to make it works. The good news is that tips and tricks to make sale can be learnt but it is up to you to take action and make it work.

7- So what is required from you really?
To make any Affiliate Program works, you need to drive targeted traffic to your referral link. The good news is that Vick who is the CEO of the Four Percent Group is the Traffic Guru and you will be in good hand. The 2nd most important requirement is hard work, dedication and action taker.

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is 4 percent group a scam by vick strizheus

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  1. Hello,

    I really appreciate your post. Good to see you detailed out FPG. By the by I would like to the exactly whether is falls under affiliate program or another MLM!

  2. Sorry again…the $49 is a kind of application fee! What about clickfunnel and email service provider? Should I have to pay extra for these two or all that’s included? (Except the high end products)

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