How can I increase the optin rate for my squeeze page (Video)

One of the most asked questions to me is: How can I increase the optin rate for my squeeze page?

Simple! After spending more than 1,395$ with more than 10 suppliers from SoloAds agency, I manage to realize the trick on how one can increase their email marketing campaign opt in rate to stay at between 44% and 58%.

You see, whether you are using a free or paid method of advertising, you will want to build your own list. To ensure you get both quality lead and many of them, you need to optirmize your squeeze page so that more and more people opt into your list. Personally, my first opt in rate for my list was as low as 22% but after a week of tweaking and split testing, I have successfully learn the secret on consistently getting the optin rate of between 44 and 58%. Now, I am showing you the exact method I use and words I put as well as the image I use that make this incredible high conversion rate in the MMO niche.

Want FREE PDF version of this secret method to get high optin instead?

Here is what you need to do, go to YouTube and in the description of that video, you will find the link to download the PDF version (additional tip inside that PDF) of this secret method to increase email marketing optin rate.

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