How to Market your Cambodian business on Twitter

Twitter for Cambodian Business

Using Twitter Properly to Market Your Business in Cambodia

Along with marketing through Facebook, Twitter is an extremely popular social media venue. By having a Twitter account, your business can be reached by millions of people who prefer to connect via laptop and all common mobile devices . Without it, your company’s ability to communicate is highly limited and its web presence is less known. By not having one, potential customers may get the impression that you’re just not “with the times”. Lastly, if you wish to be successful in Cambodia, take the advantage of Twitter to beat your competitors who do not use one.

Why Use Twitter?

For individuals and businesses alike, Twitter is used around the world. It is utilized by not only large companies as Microsoft, AT&T, HP, etc, but by even small proprietors as local “mom and pop” stores. Twitter is a quick way to get your messages out to your customers, assuming they use it too. You can send announcements on new products, special deals or sales you’re having along with upcoming events you plan to hold.

Twitter is one superb marketing tool. Here, you will get the opportunity to talk to numerous people that you never would otherwise. Many of these people may turn out to be great business contacts with whom you can start projects with, purchase products from, or possibly employ. Meanwhile, you can keep up with what’s going on in your market segment, field, or niche. Likewise, you can find out what consumers are saying about subjects pertaining to your niche or business and even about your company.

Additionally, Twitter enables you to interact with your readers. Instead of only posting advertisements, you communicate with potential customers to find out what they truly want and if you have it. Generally, buyers feel more inclined to express their feedback by posting online comments rather than over the phone or in person. Also details can be easily expressed and not forgotten during the communication process. As a matter of act, today I have used my Twitter account to communicate with Market Samurai and I am very please with their fast response. You too, can make use of your Twitter account to communicate directly and get immediate feedback from your customer.

Hence, you are able to engage them and as you do, you can build and refine a brand or symbol that they’ll know and recognize you by, especially if they see you elsewhere online. All in all, Twitter provides an additional channel to find and lure in customers as well while building a good reputation for your business.

Use Twitter Properly

When using Twitter, you must do so in a professional manner. Be yourself and don’t partake in slang or try to be hip. That means leaving out the ‘LOLs’, ‘OMGs’, ‘BTWs’, and all other popular social media lingo. Communication on this site is a two way street. You must be willing to listen as well as speak rather than just tweet. If you just post large amounts of stuff on your channel and rarely, if ever, interact with customers, you will develop a reputation as a spammer. Once this occurs, your business may be doomed.

The following are suggestions to ensure optimal success on Twitter:

1. Don’t sell – converse:

Many of its users connote Twitter as a virtual water cooler (a place to stand around and chat with co-workers). So, if a total stranger approaches you, don’t approaching him or her with a high-pressure sales pitch. Converse and get to know some things about them first. Nothing chases away potential customers more than businesses that suddenly and repeatedly wave products in their faces.

2. Listen more, tweet less:

This must be stressed especially to visitors. Entering Twitter is like going into a convention full of strangers. Hence, you must find out who these people are and what they’re talking about. Then you can determine how well you fit in and what, of significance you have to contribute to their conversation. Next, find people you’re interested in following and read their tweets. Would you like to know what people are saying about a particular subject? You can simply do that by entering keywords into Twitter search.

3. Be willing to help:

Of course you ought to tweet, but not with an ad. Simply offer something such as info or entertainment. For example, if you’re talking about Cambodian tourist, you may tell them where to find nice kuy teav near Wat Phnom, which area to avoid after mid night in Phnom Penh. Keep up on others’ tweets by commenting on their ideas or answering questions they post. Once someone realizes you’re helpful, they will be most receptive to your message. They may even refer their friends to your channel.

4. Give your followers what they want:

Again, be prepared to answer questions. Give tips and suggestions on getting the most of whatever it is you specialize in. So, if your subject is on tourism in Cambodia, mention some popular restaurants or perhaps great gift ideas to bring back to one’s home country. If people have problems with finding opening hour of a local market, you could give them a quick tweet on the opening hour. Avoid subjects that have no relevance to your blog topic or line of business, such as current events in the news or the weather. Remember, your followers have certain expectations of you, focus only on meeting them.

In Summary

Twitter is a great tool that enables you to instantly say what you need to say about your products, services, or ideas. Determine who your audience is and restrict your conversations to only this type of people. Post only things your followers will want to read. Don’t approach new followers with sales pitches, you need to converse with them first. Be willing to answer their questions and offer them advice. After all, Twitter is not a bulletin board for advertisements or a store, it’s an online place to hold conversations with people of the same interest. Your customers want info ASAP so they can move on. If you don’t supply it, they’ll find someone else who will.

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