I’m too afraid of what people think of me

Question: Are you afraid of what people think of you?

I was once like this. In summer of 1999, I was resting in the football field at my school, RUPP. It was a cloudless day with two birds singing side by side near to a large oak tree. Suddenly Thida appeared out of noway and she said ‘Hello Sambo, how are you?’. I almost fell off and was blushed as it was the first time Thida greet me. I would’t dream of that day as I had never ever dare to strike the first conversation for the fear of what people might think of me. What if they think I was a pervert? or worst a playboy who were so flirty? You see in 1999, we did not have any Internet, let alone Facebook and yet I still had that fear which stop me from starting the conversation to this beautiful long black hair lady. Until that one day….

So how does this has to do with making a business online?

Indeed, there is. You see fear is a two edge swords. Fear gives you strength to defend yourself during dangerous encounter. For example, the fear of drowning lead you to fight for your life.

too afraid of what people think

However, when it comes to online business fear will stop you from being open and helping other people. You see Business is all about helping and serving people. Have you ever wonder no matter how populous the world is, people have different knowledge and skill set that could help one another. Likewise, you too! you could help another fellow to solve his or her problem. So stop being afraid of what people might think of you, whether they think you are newbie or a know it all, you are there be yourself and help other people. Pay it forward.

Myself for example, I have passed that stage of being afraid of what people think of me. As a matter of fact, in the Internet Marketing spear, I used to be afraid of being seen as a newbie, or a person who boost too much. And that fear has stopped me from continuing my blogging to share knowledge to the world. As a result, my spear of influence has reduced days by days and I was no longer a person who they would think first for developing the Flash Application.

What happen when we stop fearing of what people think of us?

It was only in early 2016 when I found Mobe (you will see the link below) that I started to shift my paradigm. I have given up of that fear and started to be an open man again. Until today, I have a list of more than 1,000 subscribers and continue to serve them strong.



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