My top tier business 21 steps reviews day 1 to day 4

My Online Business Education or MOBE has one product that is well sold over the Internet to educate the average joe and seasoned business owner or internet marketer to bring their business to the next level. This product is My Top Tier Business or MTTB 21 Step Systems. Upon graduated from this 21 steps you shall be independent and start seeing the benefit of this program. Below is my lesson learnt from Day 1 to Day 4 of this my top tier business 21 steps.

MTTB Step 1 – How do you make 6 figure in your first year of internet marketing

So my first day watching the Step 1 of MTTB was exciting. It kicked off after an 8 minutes call with Grant, my level one MOBE Coach. He is pleasant and right on time with our schedule. He introduced and interviewed me on what my goal is and what I do. One thing I learnt from this conversation is that if I am going to make money with Mobe, I need to have a target or goal in mind – both short term and long term. For me, the short term goal is as follow:

  • Making a minimum of 6’000$ within first 6 months of completing 21 steps

  • Making an average of 8’000$ monthly between 6 to 12 months

In this step, Matt Lloyd introduces on why it is so important to promote a proven product. For example, instead of trying to create a restaurant that specializes in Pho (Vietnamese noodle)  from scratch, you could buy in fact buy a franchise rights from Pho24 .  The franchise business simply works because it has a system in place. By buying rights to the Pho24 franchise, you in fact leverage on their existing proven product and services i.e. you leverage their successful business system.

The 2nd point on MTTB step 1 is that you should focusing on selling a  high ticket product. This has not surprised me at all, having been earning more than 14k$ over the last five years, I understand well how much heavy traffic I have to drive to my sites in order to make that amount. Therefore instead of earning just 47$ per sale, what if we make 1000$ per sale? This would be definitely more sweeter deal. And you may, just like me, wonder why would people spend so much money to pay for an informational product? Because that product solves their problem. I remember in early summer of 2000 when I was in Bak Touk high school, I was a timid boy who secretly fell in love with a classmate. She has long hair, fair skin, a Chinese descendant, if I may say. Being timid did not help me at all. Luckily, my friend introduced me to a book on how to build self confident in relationship. Without hesitation, my 1.25$ is gone to the seller and I get the book back on my hand. This lesson tells you that if the product solves people problem, then they will buy it. Therefore, do not be afraid to promote a high price product.

MTTB Step 2 – The missing ingredient that 99% miss in business success

Begin with the end in mind is my take away in Step 2. In fact this quote comes from a book by Stephen Covey called 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Always start the process with the end in mind. What do you want to achieve as an Internet Marketer? The answer is very simple: making more money. As such Matt Lloyd explains that the missing ingredient here is the “Economic” or the profit that you keep in every sale. In that sense, Matt does not want you to fall into the trap of thinking that traffic is the king because it is not. In order to be profitable, that traffic must bring in sale and that revenue earned shall not exceed your cost, whatever it may be.

MTTB Step 3 – Are you equipped with millionaire mindset?

Mindset is what it counts. It is important to shift your mindset from employee mindset to business owner mindset. Matt introduces the concept as presented in Robert Kyosaki, the cashflow quadrant  In every challenges, there is an opportunity. Instead of complaining, take action. Committed to be rich instead of simply want to be rich. It is all about mindset and we need to recondition our mind to think positive and aim at achieving it.

I did not fail I successful found out what did not work 10000 times.

MTTB Step 4 – Why 85% of franchises succeed while other businesses fail

Franchises vs brick and mortar business, which one is better. The answer seems to point to the fact that franchise work better as it has already have a proven system that work. Whereas the brick and mortar business is quite risky if you start out without  any experience.

I am a strong believe in franchise business as well for the following reasons. First, before a business can be open up for franchise, they have successfully ran their business. In other words, they have experience and knowledge on how to run in their line of business. Second, franchise business has a proven system in place. By system, I refer to their supply chain and their backend administrative support mechanism. Finally, by joining the franchise, you are not alone. There will be coach and support team to help you along the way shall you need a helping hand.

One thing that I really enjoy in this video is that unlike brick and mortar business, an online business can earn you money while you sleep. In order to make it big, investing in a franchise like business is highly recommended. That is how Mobe is introduced i.e. it is a franchise-liked business i.e. it has a proven system in place.

So this comes to the end of day 1 to day 4 review of My Top Tier Business 21 steps.

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