No one reads my blog

Did you remember the sensation of rushing to publish your last blog and waiting for people to visit? And then silence, not a single soul visit your post?

I was once in that position, post after post and yet no one seems to interested in visiting my blog. I was unmotivated and almost give up on writing. However, as an action taker, I did not give up and finally have found a strategy that finally work to drive visitors to my blog.

But first why no one visits your blog?

According to Quora, there are 152 million blogs in 2013 alone! That is why no one reads your blog. The culprit is that people are overwhelmed with so many choices and better content out there. Your blog is no exception. To publish a post and wait for people to come and visit it is a history. You need to Promote your blog constantly.


Besides the mountain of competitors out there, other key factors that no one seems to care could be attributed to the design of your blog or the content itself. People are bored with same information over and over again and if your blog is not standout from the rest, then you can forget about getting visitors to stick around.

So here is the #1 solution to get people to read your blog again: Video Marketing

Yep, you hear me right: Video Marketing is how you could finally get people to read your blog again. This strategy works as following:

First, create a video on the your niche. If you are a camera-shy person , like me, you can create a screencast video i.e. instead of shooting a video where you are the actor, you can record what appears on your screen (trust me, it is easier than you may think).

Second, upload your video to YouTube Account. It is important to add a great descriptive title that people would search for. For example: “TEC Mastermind” is not a bad title BUT it is not great. Instead use this: “TEC Mastermind review“.  This is because people who intend to buy stuff online will look for a review of that particular product review first. Ohh, remember to add your blog URL in the description field in the first paragraph itself, seriously you will be surprise how many people have failed to add that

Third, promote your YouTube Video to your Social Media Account. A simple link to your Facebook account would do the trick of driving traffic to your YouTube Video.

Voila, that is the three steps to getting people indirectly visiting your blog once again through YouTube Marketing.

Want Proof? See my own personal experiment on Video Marketing here:

So I did an experiment to see if I could rank on first page of Google Search by using youtube video by following the three steps I have just highlighted. The result did not disappoint me at all. In less than 24 hours after publishing my video, I manage to rank in the top 10 search result in a fairly competitive keywords related to “TecAdemics” – see screenshot here:



Not convincing yet? Search Google for your self for the keywords “TEC Mastermind review” or “TEC Mastermind” and “Can you really make money with Tecademics?” .

With this youtube marketing, you can start immediately and see result Fast

get laser targeted visitors using Video Marketing

I am a Camera-Shy Person. I do not want to appear in front of Camera. This has held me back for very long time. Until one day I decided to jump aboard without risking myself in front of the camera. This is made possible thank to the screen recording software. The best part, it is a free software name: Screencast O Matic

In less than 3 hours, I manage to create my first ever video. It was then published to my YouTube Channel  on 1st September 2016. Less than 2 weeks, more and more people have seen my YouTube video with a total combined views of 110.

Final thought on solution to “No one reads my blog” and the importance of video marketing

Take action, is my advice. No visitor will come to your site if you don’t take action. Now go on and create your first video and I guarantee you will be smiling as I did.

PS: Watch my review of Four Percent Group here:  Youtube review of Four Percenter


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