One month’s later – How was my experiment going?

As promise, this is one month’s later on my experiment on daily posting on impact on traffic.

So I have seriously been putting daily sweat and tear to keep up and running with daily posting. Together with the daily posting, I also do keep social marketing going on as well. So here is the result:

Current Domain Authority on 13 May 2017: 10 out of 100

Homelilys Domain Authority on 13 May 2017

Alexa Ranking on 13 May 2017: 2,124,268 which represents 10% increase as compared to last month (2,376,368)

KPI monitored are:

  • Average Session- 13 May: Average of 65.2. Below the expectation of over 100 sessions per day.
  • Page per Session- 13 May: 1.56. Higher than the expected result of 1.51 last month.
  • Bounce Rate – 13 May: 67.54%. Better than the expected result of 68.25%
  • Social Traffic Source – 13 May:  23.8%. Higher than the expected result of 16.72%
  • Organic Search Traffic Source – 13 May: 13.5%. Higher than the expected result of 10.78%

homelilys google analytics on 13 May 2017


homelilys analytics top channels

Result Summary

Across all the KPI monitor (except one), the result is very promising. The one that was not meeting with the expectation is linked to the average session per day. The lesson learnt on that is my expectation is too high considering I have just started to seriously blog everyday.

On the other hand, the social marketing strategy is promising and highly recommended. For instance, before the daily blogging and social media marketing, the social segment represents 179 session for 30 days whereas after the daily blogging, this social segment hits 466 for 30 days period.

Looking ahead

Build on this promising result, I am going to continue the daily blogging experiment with social marketing strategy. For the next month, I am going to also invest up to 500$ per months on link building.

The expected result would be 10% increase in all the KPI mentioned here.

See you next month


Experiment: Daily Posting and Impact on Traffic

Finally, I am doing something I dread doing for a long time: An experimenting on daily posting and its impact on site traffic.
Yes, you hear it right. I am doing to start posting daily on a blog for a month period and at the end of the month, I will reveal to you the result of that experiment. So below are some facts:

homelilys moz domain authority on 12 April 2017

  • Alexa Ranking on 12 April 2017: 2,376,368
  • KPI to be monitors are:
    • Average Session- Current: less than 100 sessions per day – Expect: over 100 sessions per day
    • Page per Session- Current: 1.37 – Expect: 1.51
    • Bounce Rate – Current: 75.83 – Expect: 68.25%
    • Social Traffic Source – Current:  15.2%  – Expect: 16.72%
    • Organic Search Traffic Source – Current: 9.8% – Expect: 10.78%

homelilys google analytics on 12 April 2017



homelilys traffic source on 12 April 2017

How do I plan to get Traffic to homelilys?

Besides daily posting, I will be doing the Social Media activities in the following manner:

1- Post on Facebook fan pages and groups

2- Pin post on Pinterest

3- Other social activities when time permit.

Alright, that is all for now. It is time for me to head to now to start my Day1.