Why 98% of new bloggers fail and quit in first 6 months?

homer simpson fail quote98 per cent of new bloggers fail to make money and quit miserably within first six months. This phrase is true and applies to me too. Back then, I wish I had received better advice on how I can start a successful blog. Instead, I started my blog with a sole intention to make side income without much consideration nor solid planning. At that time, I focus my content strategy on Google Trend  which was somewhat successful but I could not continue after the first 6 months as I have ran out of ideas and the laziness kicks in. I simply give up after 6 months of blogging without a real purpose and research. Now, I have learnt my lesson and want you not to repeat the same mistake and hence before you start creating “Just another wordpress.com site” and fails just like the other 98% of new bloggers out there, I want you to consider the following two points:

1/ What will you write about?

This is an important homework and a good start before even start register a domain name and get hosting etc. It is a step that is needed to stay focus and be in a niche that will let you earn money through various ways. From my own experience, I myself was among the 98% of new blogger when I started out. My mistake was that I blog on topics that are in the hot trend at that point in time. Without any particular focus and without much in depth knowledge of the topic, despite I earn several bugs here and there, I did not simply have any more energy to continue. Therefore, the moral of my story is that instead of write about anything, think of your passion. Think of the things or activities that make you excited.

Passion is a key because you simply have more things to write about. Passion gives you an edge as compare to the other 98% bloggers out there simply because you know more than them. Passion gives you motivation to stay focus and ability to produce more articles for your blog in a shorter time frame. Finally, when you are passionate on certain topic and write about it, reader could feel it in your article and naturally you become an expert in their eyes.

To give you an example, my passion is to earn extra income online. When I started as freelancing, I failed miserably  because it required me to write almost in all topic. However, this does not mean I become an expert in any topic. In fact, I had to spend hours an hour of research time before I can write for my client. It was not pleasant. Then when I started this blog, I feel so comfortable now as I am writing in the area I know best and the area I like.This results in a blog where I write almost every day with the aim of reaching 52 quality articles per year.

Similarly, say if you are a bookworm a book review site would be the ideal niche to go to. Did I tell you yet that you can make money reviewing books? Simple, whenever you review a book, you can refer the reader to Amazon websites and that visitor turns to be a buyer of a book or any other product on Amazon, you earn at least 4% of the book’s cost.

2/ Does the topic of your blog has any commercial intent aspect to it?

Not all niche is the same. Some are more profitable than other. Some are more competitive while other are too narrow. Hence, while you have brainstorming session on the above points, you need to further shortlist of the niche that has a commercial intent.

So what is topic with commercial  intent anyway?

Commercial intent is a phrase we refer to situation where a person has the intention to buy products or services.

Buying is a process. According to a book by James Engel and David Kollat, the buying process starts with a desire to solve one’s problem. It continues with information research and then evaluation of all options available. Finally, buying decision occurs and followed by the post purchase behaviour. Therefore, to avoid the pitfall I made many years a go, focus your energy on two things:

a/ Create a niche blog which focus on commercial intent topic.

There are many way to earn money from your blog. First method is Google AdSense. In this method, you earn money every time someone click on the ads appeared on your site. The amount per click you earn depends pretty much on the niche you are in. My blog on latest car models earn me so more than my humour and video sites (average of 0.55$ per click in the car model site vs 0.04$ in the humour blog).  This lesson tells me that in the humour niche, readers visit my site with no intention to perform a business transaction at all. They visit my site either to relax or to connect with other people through my forum. On the other hand, visitor who visits my latest car blog comes to learn more what is upcoming car and what do they expect of the new car i.e. they are performing a research of the new car, either they want to buy that car model or they simply want to learn more for their next car.

The second method to earn money by blogging is by selling products through Amazon. In this method, your blog shall focus on the commercial products that you could find on amazon. I find a niche that most people can do is hobby because all of us somehow have a hobby. Say if you are a fan of star war, then blog on star war and perform a review of star war miniature for instance. Whenever you create a niche that has a commercial intent where people can perform business transaction, you are one step ahead of your competitor. In the same concept above, my humour site did very badly because my visitor really comes to my site to relax, not to buy.

The moral of this lesson is to stay away from humour site and focus on niche that has a commercial intent aspect to it.

b/ Your content strategy shall focus on 3rd and 4th stage of buying process

The 3rd stage and 4th stage of buying process are: evaluation of all available option and buying process. Therefore your site’s content strategy shall focus on developing articles that help buyers make the decision. This can be achieved through writing posts which contain the following purchasing intent keyword:

  • Best price for + product name (example: best price for Camry 2005)
  • Cheap + product name + Location (example: cheap apple watch in Phnom Penh)
  • Discount + product or services (example: discount furniture stores in Sihanoukville)
  • Compare price for + product name + online (example: compare price for Borey Peng Huot online)
  • Product name + review (example: My Online Business Education Review)
  • Where to buy + product keyword + Location (example: Where to buy John Deere Z235 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

Therefore to avoid starting a new blog and fail, remember to think of two things – what topic you are passionate about and whether that topic has sufficient purchasing intent aspect to it. Once you are set on the two points, you are destined for success online and avoid the pothole of bloggers that fail and quit in their first few months.

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